Rick Ross Exposes ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law: “Now I’m Being Followed By Some Creepy A** Cracker” [Audio]

Rick Ross Exposes ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law: “Now I’m Being Followed By Some Creepy A** Cracker” [Audio]

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross is not letting the death of Trayvon Martin go in vain and has contributed to debates over Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law on his new “I Wonder Why” track.

On the new record, Ricky Rozay leaves little to the imagination about what his main agenda is.

Rick Ross dropped a new song today, “I Wonder Why,” in which he ponders his life. On the track, Ross wonders why his brother is incarcerated and why his ambition continues to push him forward. The MMG honcho also indirectly references slain Trayvon Martin and the incident which led to his death in Rozay’s home state of Florida. “Now I’m being followed by some creepy a** cracker,” Ross raps, a seemingly thinly-veiled reference to vigilante George Zimmerman following Travyon. “Stand your ground! Stand your ground! You gotta stand your ground!” Ross cries. Zimmerman stood behind Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law to justify shooting Trayvon since he felt “threatened.” (RapFix)

Earlier this month, music icon Stevie Wonder vowed to boycott performing in Florida until the state abolished its Stand Your Ground law.

Luckily Stevie Wonder is 10 zillion light years smarter than those people. His boycott is politically savvy, morally righteous, and it could be enormously important. Wonder is one of the two or three most important American musicians walking the earth (Bob Dylan, maybe Aretha Franklin; end of list), with an unsurpassed track record for melding music and activism. His politics were forged in the American civil rights movement, and from a precocious age he knew the power of a musical boycott. (Slate)

Music duo Mary Mary recently confirmed they would not perform in the Sunshine State until a change is made.

“We will Stand with Stevie Wonder & Boycott Florida until the Stand Your Ground Law is changed! We love our fans but we MUST do something!!,” Mary Mary tweeted July 18.

“We understand a No from us isn’t as big as a No from Stevie Wonder but if all our voices join together we can REALLY change things!”

“Lets let our voices be heard #JusticeForTrayvonMartin” (Mary Mary’s Twitter)

In light of the news, a Facebook page urging people not to support select Florida-based companies has launched.

“Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” killed Trayvon Martin’s opportunity for justice. Stand Your Ground must be repealed and corporations based in Florida that profit from our patronage must stand with us against Stand Your Ground or we will make them pay in their pockets. Economic embargos and boycotts have worked to debilitate America’s unjust laws like Jim Crow and alienate and starve countries like Cuba. A focused, targeted and public economic embargo of Florida-based corporations will force them to take a stand against Stand Your Ground in their own interests, The following post list the top Florida-based corporations who rely upon your patronage and support.” (Boycott Florida)

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Check out “I Wonder Why”:

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