Rick Ross Dreams Up Dr. Dre Collabo, “I’m Putting It In The Air Right Now”

Rick Ross Dreams Up Dr. Dre Collabo, “I’m Putting It In The Air Right Now”

Def Jam’s Rick Ross has decided to place past differences with Dr. Dre‘s artist, 50 Cent, aside and revealed his interest in collaborating with the renowned music producer.

Ross said he believes working with the “Doc” could enhance his rap career.

“I look forward to going to the next level, so hopefully on the next album, you might see a Dr. Dre collaboration or you might see a Frankie Beverly collaboration,” Ross told Sway. “I’m a player with this.” The Bawse hasn’t connected with Dre yet, but he made sure to let his wishes be known. “I’m putting it in the air right now,” Ross said of the collaboration. (MTV)

Last year, Ross called out 50 Cent for ruining Dr. Dre beats.

“He’s not straight, he’s a f*g, he’s gay, you know it, I know it” Ross said in an interview with Devi Dev. “Listen, we’re not gonna waste time on Curly, he’s a monkey, he can’t dress…Do us the biggest favor, stop f*cking up those Dr. Dre beats. Dre, you the best. Send ‘em to me. If not, pay me to write his raps. I’ll do that, it’s not a problem. Do me the biggest favor, n*ggas don’t wanna see me, don’t play yourself.” (Hard Knock TV)

In April 2009, Ross freestyled off “Crack A Bottle” and revealed his admiration toward Dre.

“Phony Yayo has officially checked into rehab,” Ross said in the song’s intro. “Lloyd Banks is dating Perez Hilton. He came outta the closet. Best time of my life/Gucci bourgeois pop a bottle/You know my motto, shake that b*tch from top to bottom/Hit the blunt and take a swallow/April 21 I take over the universe/I get more p*ssy than Curly Curtis just takin’ off my shirt/How ya love that, I know the h*es do/GG GG GGG-who/Them n*ggas h*es too/Them n*ggas finished before I can even end a sentence/Shout-out to Aftermath, I know it’s strictly business, Dre, send one of them beats to the South/Shout-out to Eminem, we workin’ in the future.” (“Crack A Bottle” Remix)

Dre recently said his work with artists like 50 and Eminem has delayed the highly-anticipated Detox album.

“It hasn’t been a consistent thing with me,” Dre revealed in an interview. “I’d be working on it, stop, do a couple of other albums, like for example, I was working on the record and had to stop and work with Eminem for like five or six months, get back in to it and in-between there’s been Game and 50 and some of the artists like that I had to stop and work on. So it’s been taking a long time but it hasn’t been continuous work on that project so that’s one of the reasons why it’s been taking a long time but I’m in it right now, I feel it right now. Before this year, I felt I was doing it more out of obligation but right now, as in the end of last year, I really feel it. It’s coming out of me and it’s coming out of my heart and it’ll definitely be out this year — I’m just trying to give everybody what they want and not give them this new word I came up with, it’s called ‘anticippointment.'” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Rick Ross interview below:

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