Rick Ross Downplays Keri Hilson’s Sex-Charged “Love Me” Content, “I Love To See The Creative Side”

Rick Ross Downplays Keri Hilson’s Sex-Charged “Love Me” Content, “I Love To See The Creative Side”

Southern rapper Rick Ross has shared his input on R&B singer Keri Hilson‘s sexually-charged “The Way You Love Me” music video since its recent controversial release.

Despite Hilson’s sex-based expressions and references, Ross viewed the singer’s content as creative.

“When I got the record, I most definitely knew she was going to another level and I was excited for her,” Ross told MTV News. “I love to see the creative side. She’s a sexy female and I think she showed that. When I think of Janet Jackson when I was coming up and she was doing her Control thing, I loved it. So if that’s the feeling that young people [are getting] or whoever is feeling the music, if that’s the inspiration they get, I think it’s dope.” (MTV)

In a conversation with Internet personality Perez Hilton last week, Keri discussed wanting to express her sexual desires on the new record.

“Perez, I don’t wanna be held and caressed every night. Sometimes I do wanna be f*cked,” she said in the interview. “I can’t allow other people to dictate, or the media to dictate, what I can and can’t do…I’m a freak. It’s no surprise. I’m a freak! I’ve been a freak on other songs and in other videos.” (Perez TV)

Hilson has received backlash over her new music video due to its raunchy presentation.

The video for “The Way You Love Me” opens with singers JoJo, Faith Evans, Dawn from Dirty Money and Hilson talking amongst an arsenal of guns. The acting is offensive enough, but Hilson (who was last seen atop a pink castle float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) soon sheds her clothes. Sweating and gyrating all over the place, Hilson thrusts her pelvis into the camera enough times that you could give her a Pap smear. (Examiner)

Following its release, R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn defended Hilson’s artistic expression.

“I haven’t seen her video yet, but I’ve seen some of the comments. Someone created a blog page on just me and her. They had our pictures up like mug shots, like, ‘how does this dude go from “Customer” to this?’ Easy. It’s art man, don’t take it so seriously. I’m a fan of Keri. Unfortunately for women though, if they decide to be promiscuous they’re going to get a bad rap. It is what it is. We all know that. But hopefully it was her decision. If she’s cool with it, I’m cool with it.” (VIBE)

Check out “The Way You Love Me” music video down below:

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