Rick Ross Dismisses 50 Cent’s Response, “Go Back To The Lab”

Rick Ross Dismisses 50 Cent’s Response, “Go Back To The Lab”

Rick Ross has responded to 50 Cent‘s diss track “Try Me” saying the rapper has two days to record a better battle record.

The Southern rapper hinted at why he recently called out 50 and his reaction to the diss track.

“When I finally got the opportunity to bump into him, I actually intended on having words with him,” Ross said in an interview with host Angela Yee on Shade 45. “But he kinda disappointed me, so, I kept it moving…I heard [“Try Me”,] I was positive that couldn’t be the response. Say he’s f*cking joking…we all gonna act like we ain’t hear that garbage. We gonna give you another 48 hours. Take your time. Go back in the lab and come up with something else.” (Shade 45)

50’s “Try Me” dropped late Thursday (January 29) evening.

“Fat f*ck playing Wii Fit Nintendo / Have another tattoo, here’s another tattoo,” 50 rapped, “Run into my goons soon, have a new bullet wound /Officer Ricky, radio for backup / See ya a** anyway, you know I’m gon act up / You wanna play with me when I don’t wanna play / Have my n*ggas whip the skin off ya a** all day / Screaming ‘Boss’ / N*gga you ain’t a boss/P*ssy n*gga you’re lost”

The G-Unit leader reportedly wasn’t feeling the reference made towards him in Ross’ “Mafia Music.”

“I’m stepping on your crew ’til the motherf*ckers crunch,” Ross rapped, “And making sweet love to every woman that you lust / I love to pay your bills, can’t wait to pay your rent / Curtis Jackson baby mama ain’t looking for a cent / Burn the house down, gotta buy another / Don’t forget the gas can, jealous motherf*cker…”

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