Rick Ross Digs Up 50 Cent’s “Funeral” Strategy W/ “Cold Blood” [Video]

Rick Ross Digs Up 50 Cent’s “Funeral” Strategy W/ “Cold Blood” [Video]

Taking his rap beef with 50 Cent into a dark direction, Rick Ross has released a preview video of the G-Unit leader’s mock funeral, borrowing from a tactic Fif has used in past rap battles with Cam’ron and Fat Joe.

With under a minute of footage, Ross’ “Cold Blood” trailer reflects his past claims of ending the rapper’s career.

The video features audio from Rick Ross’ “Cold Blood” as he states, “Run with me or run from me. P*ssies don’t get p*ssy. I murdered all of my foes, contract killin’.” Aside from his words, Ross is also featured in the video which takes place around an empty church funeral with signs reading “R.I.P Curtis Jackson” and a preacher saying, “We’re gathered here today, ladies and gentleman, to celebrate a good famous rapper, Curtis Jackson.” (Spliff TV)

50 is known for applying a funeral setting around rap battles most notably with “Funeral Music” aimed at Cam in 2007.

“Everything’s cooler than a fan till you rolled on,” Fif rapped in the chorus. “Have you in the I.C.U. tryin to hold on/N*ggas in the waiting room been waitin so long (Ha Ha!!!)/Till they hear the flatline the doc say he’s gone, he’s gone/When they say he’s gone (It shouldn’t have to be like this man!!!).” (Universal Music Group)

Fif also made a mock funeral for Fat Joe last year.

“Eh yo, what’s up, this is 50 Cent,” he said with tears. “Fat Joe just passed away. Soundscan came out…and he sold, like, 46,000 copies. Now DJ Khaled is almost finished, he’s over.” (This Is 50)

Aside from his rap beef, Ross is reportedly celebrating the Deeper Than Rap album release tonight (April 20) in Florida.

Invites for the Deeper Than Rap release party on Monday, April 20, include DJ Khaled, Birdman, John Legend, Fat Joe, The Dream, Nas, Ja Rule, Fabolous, Triple C, Jadakiss, with a few surprises. After the celebration at Mansion, WEDR 99 Jamz will host the Rick Ross in-store signing at BrandsMart USA located at 4320 NW 167th Street on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 from 5pm – 8pm. (Hip Hop Press)

Deeper Than Rap hits stores Tuesday, April 21 via Def Jam.

Check out Ross’ “Cold Blood” preview video below:

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