Rick Ross & Diddy’s VIBE Photo Shoot Pics Leak

Rick Ross & Diddy’s VIBE Photo Shoot Pics Leak

Photos from Rick Ross and Diddy‘s VIBE Magazine photo shoot have leaked online and feature the two rappers dressed in business suits.

The shots are from their upcoming VIBE cover feature.

Photographs of Rick Ross and Diddy have leaked online from their upcoming VIBE Magazine cover. Two of the shots appear to be outside of their shoot as one shows Diddy, wearing an all-black suit with a bracelet, behind Rick Ross who is holding a blunt in a grey and white suit. Both artists are also wearing dark sunglasses. Another shot features Ross holding his arm over Diddy’s shoulder while the third photograph appears to include Bad Boy artist Janelle Monae in the background as Ross and Diddy sit at a nightclub-like setting table with fancy glasses and a cigar resting in an ashtray. (57th Ave)

Earlier this month, DJ Khaled broke the news of their cover together.

“Shout to @rickyrozay @iamdiddy doing the vibe cover its going to be historic! DREAM TEAM! TEFLON DON JULY 20!,” Khaled wrote on his Twitter page. (DJ Khaled’s Twitter)

Ross recently talked about hiring Diddy to become a business partner/manager.

“It was the even bigger and better things that are on the horizon, which continue to present themselves every day — things I never considered up to this point. Book deals, now we’re consideringliquor endorsements, clothing lines, films, books. Me and F. Gary Gray [who directed Ross’ “Super High” video] are talking about doing some things. I just wanna make sure I make the right decisions when those opportunities present themselves…We went through so many records. Just to hear [Diddy’s] input down to the smallest things, you know: percussions and snares and the production of the production. That’s what I want. That’s what I respect.” (MTV)

Diddy initially made the announcement of their business bond last month.

“We was in here one night, chopping it up, talking about these big plans,” Diddy said in a video. “Doing a partnership, not just a management, doing a partnership and I’m proud to announce that partnership. And he goes by the name of Ro-zay, Ricky Ross, the Teflon Don. We’re gonna get a lot of money this year, you know, we see eye to eye. We got the same taste. We like fly things. He likes green. We like gold…” (Spliff TV)

A release date for their VIBE issue has not yet been released.

Check out recent footage of Diddy & Rick Ross down below:

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