Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap” Racks Up Sales Predictions

Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap” Racks Up Sales Predictions

With Rick Ross‘ new album, Deeper Than Rap, finally hitting store shelves, SOHH caught up with a few industry insiders to see how they think his recurring beef with 50 Cent will affect first week sales.

In SOHH‘s recent “Prime Beef” survey, 71.74% of respondents said that they find the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross entertaining.

SOHH Twitter follower DjTwyst was among many who find comedy in the rappers’ back and forth. “I can say it was more of a comedy show but I can say some good hits came from the both of them. Album sales will really show,” he said unmodified (Twitter).

Ross’ Def Jam labelmate Fabolous told SOHH he isn’t sure the internet attention his feud with 50 has generated will translate into sales for Ross.

“I don’t know, it’s hard because this digital era, people will watch your videos and stuff all day but not go get your album. So, it doesn’t translate. You can have one million two million, ten million views on something but that doesn’t mean that people are going to actually go buy the album.” (SOHH)

Rick Ross’ last album, which was released in March 2008 moved almost 200,000 units in it’s first week in stores.

Trilla debuts at #1 on first week sales of over 198,000 units. The #1 chart debut- and #1 Digital Album – was powered by Rick’s current single, “The Boss,” featuring T-Pain, coupled with an aggressive street marketing campaign and a release week performance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Hip-Hop Galaxy)

But Ross’ rival 50 Cent recently predicted that Deeper Than Rap sales will be less than stellar.

“Artists misinterpret attention,” 50 explained in an interview. “They think it’s a positive thing to go after someone who has a bigger profile when they actually getting ready to release a record. But it doesn’t help unless your record is commanding that attention at the same time. I think people are paying more attention to me and Rick Ross feuding than his records and his sales will reflect that when it actually comes out and that’s when I really have a field day on his a**.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

This beef hasn’t just captured the attention of east coast artists. Bay Area rapper Locksmith, who gained fame on MTV’s MC Battle, thinks that Ross’ fans will support this album despite 50’s personal attacks.

“I think Rick will do descent numbers because he has a core fan base and makes quality albums. As far as the correctional officer stuff goes… if hip hop fans didn’t care about Lil Wayne kissin another man in the mouth they probably don’t care about Ricky’s blue collar past. I actually think because Rick is making from what I hear a very solid album so this beef may help him.” (SOHH)

Fab also points out that beefing with 50 Cent presents Ross with an opportunity to gain more fans in the end.

“I definitely think his awareness is up there,” says Fab. “I’m sure theres a lot of people who know who Rick Ross is right now, who don’t care about the music. What’s great about that is that he can end up turning those people into fans. That’s what he should be trying to do, Rick Ross should be trying to win those people over.” (SOHH)

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