Rick Ross Dares 50 Cent To Resurrect Pimpin’ Curly: “Go Back To That – We Gon’ Keep Getting This Money” [Video]

Rick Ross Dares 50 Cent To Resurrect Pimpin’ Curly: “Go Back To That – We Gon’ Keep Getting This Money” [Video]

Maybach Music Group head Rick Ross recently talked about G-Unit head 50 Cent‘s stint as fictional character Pimpin’ Curly and suggested he bring the animated personality back to life.

Rather than ignore the topic, Ross spoke on Fif’s comical character.

“I mean, was he in his Pimpin’ Curly mode? If he wasn’t in Pimpin’ Curly you know I ain’t really move. … You know we ain’t got time for that. We winning. Check the scoreboard. We running the numbers up high. Other than that put the wigs on for us. That’s when we enjoyed it and we laughed. Put the wigs on. You know what I mean? Go back to that. Other than that we gon’ keep getting this money.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Despite Fif’s direct Instagram attack on Ross a few days ago, recent reports claimed the “Bawse” had bigger things on his mind than a response.

50 Cent may have been hoping to start a blood feud when he publicly insinuated Rick Ross and Diddy were gay lovers … but sources close to Ross tell us there will be NO reprisals. Sources tell us Ross won’t retaliate for one simple reason — he doesn’t give a crap about 50 Cent or anything he says — he thinks 50 is IRRELEVANT. 50 briefly posted a pic on Instagram Sunday showing Ross leaning in close to Diddy as if they’re about to kiss … with a caption that said, ‘something ain’t right’ — with the clear implication the rappers are gay. (TMZ)

Last month, Ross said he felt throwing himself into a war with Curtis Jackson in 2009 was a win-win.

Rick Ross’ beef with 50 Cent is nothing but a chess game. While on a press run for his Mastermind album, Rozay spoke to Huff Post Live about sparring with 50 during the early years of his career. “At the end of the day, it’s all about chess, you know what I mean. When you don’t have nothing to lose, like I didn’t at that point, it really ain’t matter,” says Ross. Nowadays, few people can garner the Bawse’s attention. “The position I’m in now, there’s certain things you have to bring to the table to even catch my attention,” he explains. (Complex)

Over the fall, Ross said he believed their rift held little significance in light of real-life problems his associates deal with daily.

“You know, at the end of the day where we come from when it’s real you see real things happening. I got homeboys. I got to look at they kids and they no longer here. I got they moms and the holiday time,” Ross explained when asked about the 50 beef. “That’s what be on my mind sometimes. So, I done dealt with real things in real life. So, when you see that type of–I just call it buffoonery or whatever it is, I was enjoying it too. So, it’s like I could have fun too with it. You know what I’m saying? And then at the end of the day I always felt like I’m the one with nothing to lose. I was like this a bad decision for homie to make. You gotta do your homework. You gotta watch–you gotta know what’s going on before you just [start problems].” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Check out the interview:

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