Rick Ross Crowns Rakim “The Boss” At NYC Show, “I Gotta Pay Homage” [Video]

Rick Ross Crowns Rakim “The Boss” At NYC Show, “I Gotta Pay Homage” [Video]

Hip-Hop pioneer Rakim‘s return to the rap spotlight was highlighted during his New York City concert last night (August 13) with a surprise appearance by Rick Ross and Triple C‘s.

Rakim, who is prepping the upcoming release of his Seventh Seal album, kept fans waiting inside Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom Thursday night with New York’s own DJ Kid Capri bringing out Grandmaster Caz.

“I say one for the trouble, two for the space, come on Kid, lets rock this place,” Grandmaster said to the crowd. “It was a long time ago, I’ll never forget/I got caught in the bed with a girl named Yvette/I was scared like h*ll but I got away/That’s why I’m here tellin’ y’all today/I was outside of a school tryin’ to rap to a fox/A crowd of people all around listenin’ to my box/Me and the fans and the rest of the crew/Chillin’ hard ’cause we had nothin’ better to do…” (SOHH On The Scene)

As Capri continued to run down a non-stop list of 1990’s records, he paused and surprised fans with Rick Ross.

“Put your hands in the motherf*cking sky right now,” Ross told the packed New York crowd before performing “Hustin'”. “The Boss Ricky Ross is in motherf*cking New York, what’s up? Yeah…Hold up, hold up, hold up…I gotta pay homage to motherf*cking, the motherf*cking icon of DJ Kid Capri. I just tore down the stage at the Madison Square with my n*gga John Legend and I heard the motherf*cking, the motherf*cking Rakim was gonna be in the motherf*cking building. So Triple C’s came through, I got the BX with me, I got Def Jam in this motherf*cker and we came out to show motherf*cking love to the real motherf*cking legend.” (SOHH On The Scene)

Shortly afterward, Rakim graced the stage, entering to “Holy Are You” and performed a handful of classics.

Accompanied by a small posse, Rakim showed and proved at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom performing countless melodies from his Paid in Full classic and other records from his The 18th Letter album. In addition to the new “Holy Are You,” Rakim made sure to provide plenty of throwbacks for his mixed generation crowd including “Paid in Full,” “Guess Who’s Back,” “It’s Been A Long Time,” “My Melody,” and more. (SOHH On The Scene)

The rapper recently spoke on his upcoming album and said Busta Rhymes would be one of the featured artists.

“I used a bunch of hungry, talented [producers] — Needlz, Nottz and my best-kept secret, Nick Wiz,” Rakim revealed in an interview. “I spoke with Eric B before I started recording, and we both decided it was in our best interest not to collaborate…I’m trying to keep everything a secret. I want people to be surprised. I will give you one name, though: Busta Rhymes. He’s an amazing New York artist who I really wanted to work with. I’m laid-back and he’s all over the place, wild and very colorful. It’s a great mix. (New York Post)

Check out some of SOHH On The Scene‘s footage below:

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