Rick Ross Crowns Himself “Head Of Florida,” Talks 50 Cent & The Game [Audio]

Rick Ross Crowns Himself “Head Of Florida,” Talks 50 Cent & The Game [Audio]

A new Rick Ross diss song snippet called “Head of Florida” has hit the Internet where the Miami emcee continues his taunts towards 50 Cent while paying homage to The Game.

Less than a minute and rhyming over a piano beat, Ross is heard bigging up former G-Unit member The Game while still dissing Fif, who he refers to by his government name.

“Walkin’ in water, covered in ice,” Ross rapped. “I f*cks pianos, I rape the drums/I kiss the mic, hits make me come/Bricks make me come from the tip of my tongue/Baby girl drippin’ like the clip from my gun/I am the truth, brand new coupe/Running place take you straight back to Martin Luther roots…Held as a Boss, nailed to the cross/Rose from the dead…No need for all black, I can be in all peach and wack me a Curtis Jack…Governor of Florida, one terms’ twice/I f*cks with Game, me and Blood the same/I became his fan when he threw away the chain.” (“Head of Florida”)

Ross recently released the anti-50 record “Mafia Music” remix which featured verses from G-Unit rap rivals The Game, Fat Joe and Ja Rule.

“Guess who’s bizzack,” Rule raps on the song. “I spit murder, the music is mafia…One cold afternoon you get shot at your home/Now ‘I Smell P*ssy’/P*ssy got lips, but it don’t talk to me/That’s why you my b*tch/And you on my d*ck/Aha ’cause I f*cked you up once, I f*cked you up twice and you still talking sh*t/What must I do, to get through to you/ Curly, get off my d*ck…Read in-between the lines when you hear me talk/Get on get outta line, this is Rule York.” (“Mafia Music” Remix)

He also made headlines after calling out 50’s boss, Eminem, last week.

“N*ggas cut throat,” he declared. “You know now they saying ‘monkey’ could be black-on-black racial, keep saying monkey. So the only way I can fix that, Eminem, you’re a monkey. He’s really a honkey, but that’s racial. You’s a monkey, you n*ggas monkeys…’Wood Face,’ it’s no longer Curly, now you’re Wood Face. Eh, Whoo Kid, I found out you’re making 300 a show, my deejay makes way more than you. You’re nobody. Do me the biggest favor, hit me up.” (Spiff TV)

Despite his current rap beef with Ross, 50 weighed in on Ross’ success atop the charts with Deeper Than Rap, which sold 158,000 copies its first week, with positive remarks.

“I didn’t get an opportunity to hear his record,” Fif said in an interview. “But a lot of freak numbers come out of the Def Jam system. I mean, just look at it. I think [his numbers] could be a disappointment to the system, based on how much of an effort and money they spent marketing, but I can’t call a number one a flop under any circumstances.” (MTV)

The full version of “Head of Florida” has not yet been released online.

Check out Ross’ first verse below:

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