Rick Ross Credits Diddy & Baby For Inspiring Maybach Empire, “It Spilled Over From [Their] Music”

Rick Ross Credits Diddy & Baby For Inspiring Maybach Empire, “It Spilled Over From [Their] Music”

Southern rapper Rick Ross recently discussed assembling his Maybach Music Group and why hip-hop stars like Diddy and Baby ultimately motivated him to create his own movement.

In addition to Bad Boy and Cash Money, Ross said Master P‘s No Limit Records also inspired him.

“Building Maybach Music Group, building this empire, of course I was inspired by some of the earlier movements and earlier dudes that came along such as Cash Money [and] Bad Boy Records. To me, when I really think about the greatest era of hip-hop, that was the greatest eras of hip-hop; when I turned on the TV and saw Big, Mase, Junior Mafia, and the Lox. That was the most exciting era of hip-hop. I looked at the No Limit era and saw that camaraderie that they had, that unity, that brotherhood that they shared. I think it spilled over from [their] music,” Rick Ross says. (The Juice)

Recently signed Maybach Music Group artist Teedra Moses credited Ross’ aim to build an empire as a driving force in her decision to link with “The Boss” last month.

“If they have wanted something else they wouldn’t have came for me. This is not a situation like most labels. What Rick Ross is trying to do is build a real label not a rap group. He [Rick Ross] went out and got Wale. He’s not trying to have Wale do something different. There’s an audience that likes Wale. Stalley has an audience who likes him. Ross isn’t asking us to change or do something that we don’t already do. He’s picking artist that people cling to and he works that.” (Billboard)

A couple months ago, Ross explained how much of an impact he saw artists like Wale and Meek Mill could make to Maybach Music.

“[Signing Wale and Meek Mill], it just solidifies we’re one of the fastest-growing labels in hip-hop…I mean, it is what it is,” Ross said in response to the bidding war for his Maybach Music Group. “Right now we’re on fire. We making, and it’s not just a temporary thing, but we’re making the best music, man. And we make all ranges of music. I think the industry’s just understanding that. So it’s not just about Rick Ross and Maybach Music, it’s our brand, it’s our movement, it’s the type of sound that we done brought to the game — We getting paper, what else can I say?” (The Source)

Earlier this year, Ross signed his label to Warner Bros. Records.

Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group has found a place to park. After meeting with various labels, the Miami rapper has signed a deal to bring his roster of talent to Warner Bros. Records. “Its official!!!!!! @maybachmusicgrp has partnered with Warner Bros!!!!!!!!!!! s/o Lyor Cohen..Tod..Joey I.e..dallas..and my brother Gucci Pucci,” tweeted the Bawse in the early hours of Saturday. “Deal of the CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MMG #WB.” While details have yet to be announced, the deal is expected to include distribution, marketing, and promotion for artistsRoss signs to his imprint. (Rap-Up)

Maybach Music Group’s first compilation album, Self Made, is slated to drop Monday, May 23rd.

Check out Rick Ross’ interview below:

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