Rick Ross Claims He Was Ready For Shooting: “N*gga Tried To Kill Me, But I Had The Thing Cocked” [Audio]

Rick Ross Claims He Was Ready For Shooting: “N*gga Tried To Kill Me, But I Had The Thing Cocked” [Audio]

Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is letting the world know he may have been more prepared to defend himself after dodging gunfire last month than most people imagined, rhyming about the incident on a new record.

On the remix to rapper Young Scooter‘s “Columbia,” Ricky Rozay does not hold back on detailing the life-threatening Fort Lauderdale, Florida shooting.

“Chickens like the Wing Stop/ N—a tried to kill me, but I had the thing cocked,” he rhymed at a slow and measured pace, alluding that he wasn’t exactly helpless during the shooting. The Maybach Music mastermind followed up the line with a direct reference to the Rolls Royce Phantom that he crashed into a building trying to evade the shots. “They think I know the voodoo/How they keep showing my Ghost on that Channel 2,” he said, throwing a nod to all the news coverage he has been receiving of late. (MTV)

Earlier this month, Ross finally broke his silence on the near-death experience.

“Not at all, not at all,” Ross said when asked if there were any new developments since last month’s shooting. “No suspects and we’re not here to speculate on any suspects. I’m just staying positive, I’m moving forward and I’m just staying on top of my game. MMG. We got the biggest releases of the year, this year, coming. That’s my focus and I’m here — you most definitely got to make some adjustments [to your security] but at the same time, I’m gonna live my life and do what I love to do and that’s make music.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, Maybach Music Group’s Wale spoke on the seriousness of what went down.

“I think the whole thing’s been blown up,” Wale said about Ross’ shooting. “I think the media, you know, is perpetuating a lot of things, God forbid something happen to anybody then they’re going to be playing people’s records all day and acting like [they cared]. … It’s a joke to y’all because you see somebody on TV everyday but what if that’s your friend, ’cause that’s my friend. I was talking to him last night about the football game so what y’all think is a joke, that’s somebody’s health. I know his children. You know what I’m saying? God forbid something happens — and I just lost one of my brothers so I don’t even play around with that stuff.” (“Streez Morning Grind”)

Fellow labelmate and longtime Ross pal Gunplay recently spoke out on nearly losing the “Boss.”

“He good, he good. Rozay is good, man,” Gunplay said in an interview. “He’s unf*ckwitable, man. It’s the untouchable Maybach, man. You don’t understand. It’s for real, for real, though.” Reports indicated that Ross had hired 24-hour security to protect him following in the incident, but Gunplay says he’s heard nothing of the sort. “Nah, I don’t know about details like that. I know my dog good, though.” (HHDX)

Check out the “Columbia” remix:

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