Rick Ross Can’t Sweat Over Beefs Anymore: “We’re Not Here For That”

Rick Ross Can’t Sweat Over Beefs Anymore: “We’re Not Here For That”

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross recently talked about why he is more focused on being a top boss than investing time into entertaining publicized feuds. #deeperthanbeef

In Ricky Rozay’s perspective, rifts may occur in hip-hop culture but admitted it’s more important to see the bigger picture.

“That’s how it’s supposed be, because we’re not here for that. What we’re here for is this, the culture! Fashion, the clothing, sneakers, sending that message – that’s what it’s about. You know certain things will occur; that’s just the nature of the game. There’s going to be dust kicked up at every arena, and you should all expect that. But at the same time, we’re focused on what we came for.” (Bullett Media)

He also dished on what misconceptions people may have of the “Bawse.”

“You know, I really don’t know. I’m pretty sure in different conversations, you may have different things because I’m a very unique individual, but I let the numbers speak for Rozay. Your assumptions or your ideas, I keep it numbers.” (Bullett Media)

Last year, Ross admitted his past rift with rap star 50 Cent held little significance in light of real-life problems.

“You know, at the end of the day where we come from when it’s real you see real things happening. I got homeboys. I got to look at they kids and they no longer here. I got they moms and the holiday time,” Ross explained when asked about the 50 beef. “That’s what be on my mind sometimes. So, I done dealt with real things in real life. So, when you see that type of–I just call it buffoonery or whatever it is, I was enjoying it too. So, it’s like I could have fun too with it. You know what I’m saying? And then at the end of the day I always felt like I’m the one with nothing to lose. I was like this a bad decision for homie to make. You gotta do your homework. You gotta watch–you gotta know what’s going on before you just [start problems].” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A couple years ago, the “Boss” said he had no active beef with Fif despite a few exchanged diss records.

“That’s the beauty of art,” Ross told us. “You can take it and channel it any way you want to. Of course, I realize I put a lot of pollution out there as well that I wouldn’t this year. That was a part of me learning. I’ll forever be attracted to some form or fashion of war. I feel it’s competitive but at the same time, I’m focused on my numbers. I’m focused on my business. I’m focused on my brand. I wanna see other things blossom around me, versus back-and-forth with nothing. For the most part, I feel when you prioritize your business, that’s the result — that’s the advice I’ve been given for so long. I’m trying it out.” (MTV)


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