Rick Ross Bosses Up In Colombia For New Video

Rick Ross Bosses Up In Colombia For New Video

Rick Ross has reportedly chosen Colombia, South America to shoot his upcoming music video “All I Want” with The-Dream and director Gil Green.

Details on the production emerged online early today.

Rick Ross in Colobmia sounds like trouble. Confirmed April 7 and featuring The-Dream and directed by Gil Green, Def Jam/IDJMG will be behind the video. The single, “All I Want,” comes from the rapper’s upcoming album Deeper Than Rap and the video’s production company falls under 305 Films. (Video Static)

Colombia is known for its sensationalized drug trafficking of cocaine which inspired films including Scarface and the documentary Cocaine Cowboys.

Since the 1970’s, Colombia has been home to some of the most violent and sophisticated drug trafficking organizations in the world. What started as a small cocaine smuggling business has, in the last thirty years, blossomed into an enormous multi-national cocaine empire. Traffickers today have enough capital under their control to build sophisticated smuggling equipment, such as a high tech submarine that was recently discovered by the Colombian National Police. (PBS)

Ross is known for highlighting his alleged drug dealing past.

Growing up in Carol City, a lower-class, predominantly African American suburb of Miami, Florida, the city Rick Ross knew was nothing like the glamorous South Beach we see on television — it was “a real hardcore place,” he has acknowledged. Even as a teenager, however, Rick Ross had the kind of drive that set him apart from the pack. He had big dreams, and he planned to accomplish them by any means necessary — a fact that led him to dabble in drug dealing and rapping as well as playing football. (Ask Men)

However, his drug-based rhymes have caught the attention of 50 Cent who has attempted to discredit the rapper in interviews.

“I have artists that have more money than Rick Ross,” Fif said in an interview earlier this year. “I don’t actually feel like there’s something wrong with him deciding to be a police officer, I feel like there’s something wrong from a hip-hop perspective for you to be a part of law enforcement and totally write your career that you’re the biggest drug dealer in Miami.” (Power 96)

No information has been released on when filming will begin.

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