Rick Ross Blasts 50 Cent’s “Career Ending” Threats, “Life Is Actually Better” [Video]

Rick Ross Blasts 50 Cent’s “Career Ending” Threats, “Life Is Actually Better” [Video]

Rick Ross has attempted to prove 50 Cent‘s “career-ending” threats wrong as the rapper recently released a video describing how much better his lifestyle has become since beginning their beef.

In a video blog promoting a wrist watch line, the “Boss” takes aim at Fif citing his latest purchases while still mocking the rapper’s lack in fashion.

“We got a lot of money,” Ross said in the video. “I just bought four new whips. F*cking monkey said he was gonna ruin my life, haha! I’m waitin’ for it man. Life is actually better. Follow my time pieces man. Follow my whips. Chornicle my triumph. You n*ggas still can’t dress. Youse a monkey…You don’t get tired of wearing those ugly jeans? Those ugly shoes? You lost all that weight and your face sunk in with your fake teeth, it ain’t a good look…Y’all stay tuned, it gets deeper.” (World Star Hip Hop)

The footage is a follow-up of last week’s video where Ross claimed a G-Unit associate offered a payoff if he would cease his attacks on 50.

“It’s only right I came to New York City to write my ‘Mafia Music’ remix verse…It’s funny I say ‘Mafia Music’ remix because today I get a call from a dude from G-Unit, his name, he told me, was Nelson Gomez. N*gga Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back. I told him make it a half a million and I’ll chill on Curly. But that don’t go for [Tony] Yayo and the other guy…I’ma still see them. Y’all gotta pay separate. So if I do agree to fall back on the n*gga ’cause they give me the money, I ain’t giving the other n*ggas a pass. ‘Cause the monkey said don’t give n*ggas passes.” (Torch Is NY)

50 has been conducting interviews for the past few months promising to release damaging information to ultimately impact Ross’ music career.

“I have artists that have more money than Rick Ross,” he said in a Frebruary interview. “I don’t actually feel like there’s something wrong with him deciding to be a police officer, I feel like there’s something wrong from a hip-hop perspective for you to be a part of law enforcement and totally write your career that you’re the biggest drug dealer in Miami…We’re gonna see his tax returns. That’s the biggest embarrassment because you act like you got a billion dollars…He burned a lot of bridges with people that worked hard for him…When you’re making adjustments, trust me man, you don’t need to be playing with me…The difference with me and Rick Ross [fans], is mine is worldwide. (Power 96)

Ross’ associate Gunplay has also become involved in the rap beef with his song “Motivation” dissing G-Unit.

“I beat a blogger like his father,” Gunplay raps in the song. “That’s a half a milli/And that’s just Carol City/My life story too long, a album couldn’t fit it/Torch burnt Blanks/I’ma get at Yayo/Ross killed Curly/All three D.O.A. yo/Ain’t no combat.” (Freddy Fred TV)

Check out Ross speaking about 50 below:

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