Rick Ross’ Baby’s Mother Confesses “Revenge,” “I Accomplished My Goal” [Video]

Rick Ross’ Baby’s Mother Confesses “Revenge,” “I Accomplished My Goal” [Video]

The mother of Rick Ross‘ son, Tia Kemp, has revealed her motivation for publishing her tell-all about the Miami rapper and said it was partly due to a sense of “revenge.”

Tia said her focus was more so on damaging Ross’ image as opposed to the book being a best seller.

“Revenge [was the motivation],” Tia said in an interview. “Who’s to say this is gonna be a success for me? That’s insane, you know. I accomplished my goal. Sometimes you have to do it because people can do things to you and sit back and take it and take it and take it. But when the day comes when it’s too much to take in, just to hold in, you gotta let it out. I could care less how [the book] makes me look. It doesn’t matter. [Looking as an outsider] I would say, ‘I wonder what he did to her to make her do this. I just want to know what he did to her to make her do this.’ And that’s why people are gonna go out and get this book and read it.” (MTV)

She recently spoke with DJ Whoo Kid and announced her association with G-Unit.

“G-Unit books. It’s not a [coincidence],” Tia said regarding the company overseeing her tell-all release. “I’m affiliated with G-Unit now, officially. I am G-Unit. I’m waiting on my piece too, 50 [Cent]. [laugh] Yes I am [serious]…I’m a great mother, I’m hoping this book with be successful so that I can give my kids a good life, a better life than I had…[Ross] is not a real n*gga, he has no street credit at all. None whatsoever…I don’t know where all of the [swag] came from, the fake shades. (Radio Planet TV)

Tia also talked with radio personality Angela Yee about Ross’ other baby mother, Brooke.

“Rick Ross is a liar,” Tia explained. “You can’t believe anything that comes outta this guy’s mouth at this point. I mean nothing. I was with him for three years. He lies about everything. I think [it’s a mental condition]. He’s psychotic…I haven’t seen [Brooke] in a while. We don’t hang out in the same places, so of course I’m not gonna see her. I’m quite sure she’s on the track in South Beach somewhere trying to sell some p*ssy or something. She’s a call girl…He ain’t got no gangstas around him…I’m hoping the book will be a success and I think I got some roles in movies and doing some modeling and I just got a lot of things on the table right now.” (The Morning After)

She first publicly spoke out against Ross in an interview with 50 earlier this year.

“Here I am and here’s my story,” she said. “As you listen to his raps, you would definitely believe him but I mean, it’s surprising…his jewelry’s rented, possibly not real. His cars are being leased.” (This Is 50)

Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap was released in book stores this week.

Check out Tia’s interview below:

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