Rick Ross’ Baby Mamma Sets Release Date For Tell-All Book

Rick Ross’ Baby Mamma Sets Release Date For Tell-All Book

The upcoming tell-all book, Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap, from the mother of Rick Ross‘ son, will be released next month.

50 Cent, who is currently engaged in a rap battle against Ross, is promoting the book with an ad that shows an image of what is apparently the book’s cover.

Shown as a “ThisIs50.com Exclusive,” Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap is displayed as an image showing one of Ross’ baby’s mothers, Tia Kemp, with a “Coming May 2009″ release date. Along with a backdrop of an open journal, there are also images of Tia and 50, her and Ross along with an older image of Ross during his earlier days surrounded by a small entourage. “I am hearing that she has lots of crazy stories that she’s anxious to share with the world,” hip-hop pesonality Miss Info wrote via her site. “Yeesh….remind me never to get my baby mama mad.” (Miss Info)

Tia first publicly spoke against Ross in an interview with 50 earlier this year.

“Here I am and here’s my story,” she said. “As you listen to his raps, you would definitely believe him but I mean, it’s surprising…his jewelry’s rented, possibly not real. His cars are being leased.” (YouTube)

He also used the mother of Ross son as the main subject in his song “Tia Told Me.”

“Shut the f*ck up/We don’t wanna hear your ‘Mafia’ tough talk / Your f*ck boys don’t fly up in New York / You wanna listen to [Fat] Joe, you wanna listen to Khaled / Fine, I’ll just f*ck everybody up while I’m at it / First ‘We The Best’ then it’s ‘We Depressed’ / After the sh*t flopped, they like ‘D*mn We Stressed’ /We a mess, he’s not the n*gga to test / 90 degrees out here and we gotta wear our vests / Call me crazy, go ‘head call me crazy / Me and your baby mama gon get intimate maybe…” (This Is 50)

While he hasn’t officially placed his stamp on the book, Fif has said he had an active role in Tia’s release.

“I know the guy that’s publishing [the book] but I’m not publishing it,” Fif told radio personality Angie Martinez in a past interview. “I hope I put her in the right space with the people that are publishing it…When you put people together, you want a piece.” (Angie Martinez Show)

Check out the interview with 50 and Tia below.

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