Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Calls Out Rapper, “He Lies About Everything” [Audio]

Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Calls Out Rapper, “He Lies About Everything” [Audio]

The mother of Rick Ross‘ son, Tia Kemp, has continued to call out the rapper and claims he may have to change his rap alias in the near future.

Along with speaking on “The Boss,” Tia also updated fans on what his other baby mother, Brooke, was likely up to.

“Rick Ross is a liar,” Tia told radio personality Angela Yee. “You can’t believe anything that comes outta this guy’s mouth at this point. I mean nothing. I was with him for three years. He lies about everything. I think [it’s a mental condition]. He’s psychotic…I haven’t seen [Brooke] in a while. We don’t hang out in the same places, so of course I’m not gonna see her. I’m quite sure she’s on the track in South Beach somewhere trying to sell some p*ssy or something. She’s a call girl…He ain’t got no gangstas around him…I’m hoping the book will be a success and I think I got some roles in movies and doing some modeling and I just got a lot of things on the table right now…I have no idea [why he chose the name ‘Rick Ross’]. Why would you wanna take someone else’s name? Seriously, like you went from ‘Teflon’ to ‘Willow’ to ‘Rick Ross.’ Are you serious? He may have to change his name soon from ‘Rick Ross’ because Rick Ross is home now. He gonna have to see him.” (The Morning After)

She recently revealed her thoughts upon seeing Brooke’s sex tape that 50 Cent leaked online earlier this year.

“I just feel sorry for her daughters, it’s sad,” Tia said in an interview. “And then she did an interview in Hip-Hop Weekly saying that her older daughter saw the tape. It’s just sad, you know? I can understand you doing some things when you were 17, 18 years-old but god d*mn, once you become a mother, there’s certain things you just can’t [do]. There’s no control in that household. My son dyin’ to see the sh*t. My two older sons dying to see the sh*t. I can’t let them see it though, they’ve been wanting to see it. I got a 12 year-old and 10 year-old.” (Shade 45)

Tia is currently prepping the release of her upcoming tell-all book, Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap, wherein she refers to Ross by his government name, William Roberts.

“Will was paying the rent and the bills and flying in and out of town so I didn’t have to deal with headaches from him all the time,” an excerpt reads. “I didn’t have to cook for him every night and take care of his bullsh*t. I was in my own apartment, and had a big brand new truck, no one could tell me anything. I didn’t have to worry about Will’s momma and his sister anymore and their negative attitudes and vibes and I still had him. He wasn’t going anywhere. They forgot that he had to deal with me, I had his son, I had Lil’ Will.” (Deeper Than Rap Book)

The book will be available in bookstores, including Amazon, later this month.

Published by Tru Life Publishing, the 288 page text will come out May 20 for a standard price of $14.95. Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth, & Exposure will be available via paperback. Pre-order options are currently available. (Amazon)

Check out Tia’s interview with Angela Yee below:


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