Rick Ross Addresses Gucci Mane’s Twitter Meltdown: “When You Jump Off That Porch, You Jump” [Video]

Rick Ross Addresses Gucci Mane’s Twitter Meltdown: “When You Jump Off That Porch, You Jump” [Video]

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross has spoken out on Gucci Mane in light of explosive name-dropping remarks made on his Twitter page this week.

Rather than jump the gun, Ross said he hoped Gucci would reach out to him personally if there are any real issues.

“You know, as far as, you know, if somebody needs some help, they need to get it. You know what I’m saying? As far as when you jump out there, when you jump off that porch, you jump. You know what I’m saying? Me and homie, we was always cool. We’ll see. I haven’t spoke to dog. At the end of the day, for one, I don’t move with that Twitter talk. I’m a $50 million dude. I don’t move by Twitter talk and all that. You know what I’m saying? Real dudes, they make up. Even if it’s a problem, they get on the line. You know, on Twitter, you’ll never see Rozay really jump off the porch with Twitter. Regardless, I’m not an emotional person like that.” (Hot 97)

A couple days ago, Grand Hustle boss T.I. made a reference to Gucci’s public tirade.

“Only a fool acts reckless for publicity.,” Tip tweeted September 9.

Instead of keeping quiet, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj fired back at Gucci over sexual allegations he made on Twitter.

“May God strike me dead if I ever had sex wit that man. Lmfaoooooooooo. Nigga da way ya #ugliness is set up ???????????????????????????? #BubbaGump #crackhead,” Nicki tweeted back.

“I’m rlly cracking up. He’s fighting so hard for one more ounce of relevance. Tyga and I turned down his feature request last Thursday. ????”

“Wait. He called somebody a piece of lard. ???????????????????????????????????????? yall I’m cryin!!!!”

“Gucci look like a upset stomach ????????????????????????” (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

According to Gucci, a former manager is responsible for compromising his Twitter page.

“My ex manager hack my acct str8 up,” Gucci tweeted September 11. (Gucci Mane’s Twitter)

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Check out Rick Ross’ interview:

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