Rich Homie Quan Downs The Lean Rumors: “It’s No Secret That I Do Turn Up”

Rich Homie Quan Downs The Lean Rumors: “It’s No Secret That I Do Turn Up”

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan has come forward to address new reports which suggest drugs may have contributed to his publicized seizure this week. #LeanWithIt

In a statement, Quan denied he was addicted to drugs and blamed media for sensationalizing the situation.

“I just want to thank my fans and everyone who has called concerned about me,” he said. “I want to clear up two things, after being in 3 states in 3 days, up early having to shoot my video for ‘Walk Thru’ and even sleeping in between scenes on top of filming in this humid Atlanta heat, I fainted and hit my head. It’s no secret that I do turn up, I don’t deny that but I’m not addicted to anything including drugs nor was I leaning at the shoot. The media is gonna put fake stories out there but I just want to let my fans know that I’m good and recovering. The second thing is, I promised I will never stop going in and I mean that.” (Billboard)

Quan’s camp also clarified the widespread seizure reports.

According to Quan’s day-to-day publcist, Johnathan Sims, the medical staff stated that it wasn’t as bad as people were led to believe. “The doctor actually said he didn’t have seizures,” he shared. “His muscles were tense and contracting causing him to have sharp pains which made him move around in a seizure-like manner.” (Billboard)

Reports earlier this week suggested Quan may have enjoyed some “sizzurp” prior to his publicized hospitalization.

TMZ broke the story … Quan was rushed to the hospital yesterday in ATL after he collapsed, hitting his head on the ground and suffering the seizure. His rep called it heat exhaustion. But sources close to the rapper think lean — aka sizzurp — may have played a part. We’re told Quan was on a lean binge for days, and stopped just 3 days before the seizure. The drug can reportedly stay in your system for up to 4 days — even longer depending on the dose … and we’re told he was a heavy abuser. (TMZ)

Quan updated concerned fans and explained what went down Wednesday (May 7).

“Thank u lord ???????????? prayer is power,” Quan tweeted May 7.

“First and foremost I want to Thank God for his blessings. Your boy just been grinding too hard. Thanks for all of the prayers… I’m okay” (Rich Homie Quan’s Twitter)


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