Rich Boy Tones Down D-Boy Raps, “I Know Kids Are Listening To Me”

Rich Boy Tones Down D-Boy Raps, “I Know Kids Are Listening To Me”

Southern rapper Rich Boy recently spoke on his aim to tone down drug-based rap lyrics and promised to become one of the Top 10 best emcees upon leaving the rap game.

With a new album on the way, Rich Boy said he has changed his style up.

“[The album] is going to be more substance, man, because what had happened was, it messed my head up, I was riding through this project called Roger Wiliams, and this kid had asked me, ‘Why you rap about crack so much, Richy,'” he explained in an interview. “And it just messed my head up to the point where I couldn’t get mad at the little cat. I was just like, I could tell he seen something real dealing with crack. So I was just like, ‘Man, for the kids like that, I’d rather change my topic.’ If I know kids like that are listening to me…But not fully. I’m going to keep it real and rap about the sh*t I’ve seen, but I’m not going to glorify it…When I leave out the game, when I stop, I’m gonna be top 10…And I put this on everything. I’m gonna be top 10.” (Vibe)

Other rappers have reflected upon their content including Chamillionaire who previously promised to stop cursing and using the n-word in his rhymes.

“On my new album I don?t say the word n*gga, I don?t curse nowhere on my whole album,” Chamillionaire said in a 2007 interview. “People are not even gonna know it. I guarantee if I don’t go out and say it in the media they’re not even gonna realize that. People go back and listen to all of my old mixtapes and don’t even realize that I wasn’t even doing all that type of stuff. I was saying n*gga, but I wasn’t saying the ‘f’ word or ‘b’ word. I was never saying those types of things…I hear that so much and it restricts your creativity and how far it can go.” (All Hip Hop)

On the other hand, 50 Cent recently said he changed his rapping style to a more hardcore feel.

“The guy that’s trying to get a record deal right now, he should be writing with very strong passion,” Fif said in an interview. “Right now, he’s in competition with 50 Cent, and I’m writing like I need a record deal. It’s tough for him…I can write at that pace and achieve what I want. You won’t say there’s a lack of quality in [War Angel].” (MTV)

Rich Boy’s debut album dropped over two years ago.

Rich Boy landed a contract with Interscope and began working on his first album. In the meantime, he appeared on one of LudacrisDisturbing tha Peace compilations and dropped in on a handful of mixtapes — including DJ Ideal and Jermaine Dupri‘s Da Bottom, Vol. 5. With DJ Drama, he released the Bring It to the Block mixtape in late 2006. His official, self-titled debut was released during March 2007. (All Music)

Rich Boy’s Buried Alive sophomore album is set to be released September 2009 via Interscope/Zone 4.

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