Rhymefest Steps To Charles Hamilton W/ New Record, “Stay At Home And Stick To Blogging”

Rhymefest Steps To Charles Hamilton W/ New Record, “Stay At Home And Stick To Blogging”

Chicago-based rapper Rhymefest has responded to a freestyle diss from Charles Hamilton in the new song “Supersonic (Chucky Cheese).”

The Chi-Town emcee takes aim at Hamilton‘s internet persona.

“Sorry Charlie/You beat me, hardly,” Fest rapped, “Why you frontin’ at your party/S.O.B. you can’t be serious/Matter fact, you can’t beat Serius/Don’t make me laugh — Real hip-hop/This sound’ll kill ya/He so soft, I’ll brush him off/Go play Rock Band with Asher Roth/You from Cleveland, claiming Harlem, “Brooklyn Girls”/This guy’s got problems/I’m from Chi-town, where they’ll rob him/Stay at home and stick to blogging” (Z Share)

Prior to “Supersonic,” Hamilton recently referenced defeating Rhymefest in a rap battle.

“You don’t understand/Sonic means fast/How fast, I’ll beat your a**/Motherf*cker lean back/He’s that cat, N*gga I’m the best/Next Serius Jones, First was Rhymefest/These old a** n*ggas wanna battle the kid…” (Subconscious Threats)

In addition to the new diss track, Fest has also broken down the meaning behind his response to New York emcee.

“Let’s fast forward to SOB’s,” Fest wrote in his MySpace blog. “I was actually there to support my man Scram Jones and his group Two Face. I waited around for Chuck to grace the stage so I could see what was really up. The crowd had thinned out because they were there to see the earlier act…I start hearing light boos and seeing thumbs down from at least 15 of the 40 people in the crowd. This is NEW YORK n*gga!! You can’t hold your own city down?? I’m like man this shit is wack so I head for the door. No sooner than I left, I’m getting calls that he had my name in his mouth YET AGAIN!! As he was losing to another battle proven artist, he has the audacity to imply that he beat ME and now he’s going to beat Serius Jones…So as you can see, I’m not picking on Charles for no reason.” (MySpace)

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