Rhymefest Reunites W/ Dad After 23 Years: “I Found Him Homeless”

Rhymefest Reunites W/ Dad After 23 Years: “I Found Him Homeless”

G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Rhymefest has reconnected with his father after over two decades apart this month, discovering him homeless in their Chicago hometown.

Fest brought his personal life into the public spectrum by breaking the news this week on Twitter.

“I told you guys last week I haven’t seen my father in 23yrs I found him homeless on Chicagos Weat Side. pic.twitter.com/RmUyqIjk,” he tweeted January 14th.

“Since then I’ve cleaned him up took him for a med check up and I’m helping him get into a detox mens shelter programpic.twitter.com/f54PH7IJ”

“Thanks to John Jackson owner of the cricket store on 55th for the free phone for my father he even gave me 2free months”

“Now we must re-establish our relationship but he has to get clean off the alcohol 1st we get him off the street”

“Oh I didn’t mention I recently purchased my fathers child hood home & when he came for dinner he exploded with tearspic.twitter.com/u7tprrIK” (Rhymefest’s Twitter)

The Chicago rap veteran also reunited him with his mother who also had not seen him in over 20 years.

“He walked in the door not believing it could be true that this was my home & saw my mother on the couch who he hadn’t seen for 23yrs”

“He broke down and told my mother she was the best thing that happened to his life”

“My Mother my Father and I together for the first time in 23yearspic.twitter.com/cEQz0j98″

“My mother choose to forgive after 2 decades, my son played chess with his grandfather for the first time pic.twitter.com/v1to1FUQ” (Rhymefest’s Twitter)

According to reports, Fest last saw his father when he was only 11 years-old.

Here’s a heartwarming story to start your day. Rapper Che “Rhymefest” Smith recently reconnected with his father, who he hadn’t seen in 24 years. Smith found Brian Tillman in a homeless shelter on the West side last week. He last saw his father when he was 11 years old. The road that led to the reunion began when Smith bought his father’s childhood home his uncle last July. Smith’s wife encouraged him to look for his dad and a friend of the family told him about the shelter where his dad was staying. (Chicagoist)

Since the reunion, both Fest and his father have publicly detailed their encounter.

“It was not until I hugged him that I realized how much I missed having a dad around,” Smith said in an interview Monday. His dad, Brian Tillman, 54, broke out in tears when he saw his son. “I immediately started hugging him, as I cried my eyes out. I had been telling people my son was a famous rapper but nobody believed me,” Tillman said. (DNA Info)

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