Rhymefest Has Advice For Charles Hamilton, “He’s Gotta Find Happiness & Stop Punishing Himself” [Audio]

Rhymefest Has Advice For Charles Hamilton, “He’s Gotta Find Happiness & Stop Punishing Himself” [Audio]

As Charles Hamilton tries to slip back into the hip-hop spotlight, SOHH reached out to his past rival, Rhymefest, to see if the two rappers are still at odds.

According to Fest, he no longer has tension toward the former Interscope Records artist.

“I mean, I don’t have anything against the brother, like, I don’t hardball, I just feel like you diss me, I diss you,” Fest told SOHH referring to his past beef with Hamilton. “That’s just the way it is, I don’t hold no animosity but I see the brother is punishing himself. You know what I’m saying? He thinks there’s something, he may think it’s something Jesus-like in the self-sacrificing that he’s doing but he’s punishing himself and he has to, in his heart, he has to decide to stop doing that, not just with me but with everything. With the J-Dilla, the girl he hit on — all the stuff, I kinda feel empathy, I think that would be the correct word, not sympathy but empathy, I’m like man bro, whatever depression, he gotta find happiness and stop punishing himself.” (SOHH)

Last year, Hamilton gained Fest’s attention after name dropping him as one of his rap battle victims.

“You don’t understand/Sonic means fast/How fast, I’ll beat your a**/Motherf*cker lean back/He’s that cat, N*gga I’m the best/Next Serius Jones, First was Rhymefest/These old a** n*ggas wanna battle the kid…” (Subconscious Threats)

This was later followed by Fest’s diss song “Supersonice (Chucky Cheese)” which targeted Hamilton’s Sonic the Hedgehog moniker.

“Sorry Charlie/You beat me, hardly,” Fest rapped, “Why you frontin’ at your party/S.O.B. you can’t be serious/Matter fact, you can’t beat Serius/Don’t make me laugh — Real hip-hop/This sound’ll kill ya/He so soft, I’ll brush him off/Go play Rock Band with Asher Roth/You from Cleveland, claiming Harlem, ‘Brooklyn Girls’/This guy’s got problems/I’m from Chi-town, where they’ll rob him/Stay at home and stick to blogging” (“Supersonic”)

Last January, Hamilton explained his recent disappearance from hip-hop.

“Here I am, out of my protective external bubble, and into my own,” he wrote. “I have made mistakes, angered some, confused others, fought guidance and embraced chaos. At the same time, I learned about self-growth, got acclaim for my work, touched hearts and developed positive relationships…My time out of the proverbial limelight had many different motives. The first and most important was to make sure that my own sanity and health was in tact…Second, I had to get things right with my mother and family. Some things were in print and in music that required the family to talk in person. I wasn’t always around, and every family has their skeletons…When the news broke about me being released from the label, I wasn’t mad. Just frustrated at the fact I would be asked a million pressing questions about it. My emotions were already numb at personal stuff, and I knew that being the (insert adjective here) of the music business would make me a humor target. Whatever I thought. All I wanted to do was release my music to the masses and be heard on the scale of legends…I am appreciative, and I am working on making this year and every other as progressive and CALM as chances allow.” (Statement)

Check out a portion of Rhymefest’s SOHH interview below:

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