RESPECT Editorial Director Speaks On Eminem’s Cover, “He Was Just Super Duper Open”

RESPECT Editorial Director Speaks On Eminem’s Cover, “He Was Just Super Duper Open”

After Eminem‘s RESPECT magazine cover began floating online yesterday, SOHH caught up with the publication’s editorial director Kris Ex to learn more about working with the Shady Records boss.

According to Kris, they decided to avoid Recovery album questions and have Em analyze past photos of himself instead.

“He was just like, super duper open,” Kris told SOHH. “He was just really open and the time had gotten pushed around a bit — we didn’t really know if it was gonna happen or not but when it happened, like when he and I got on the phone, we just started and it was like, ‘Oh wow.’ … Well the thing is, since we’re a photo journal and this is the really important part of what we did, the way it runs out is we did a huge spread on him but it doesn’t actually pan out as an actual interview. What we did was, we were just going over these pictures from ten years of his career. He was just talking about different photos from his shows and we got this story from the photographer which she was just like, at the show and was eight months pregnant and she’s trying to take a photo and she’s like, being pushed up against a speaker and Eminem says this thing about beating a pregnant woman with a baseball bat and she’s like, ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe this!’ So we’re just getting those types of stories from his side and the photographers’ side.” (SOHH)

Kris also gave SOHH the inside scoop about how large of a role Em’s manager Paul Rosenberg had on their photo shoot.

“We had all of these great ideas,” Kris added referring to various photo shoot possibilities. “Or what we felt were good ideas as far as what he should be doing on the cover and Paul Rosenberg just shot everything down. It was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no,’ [laughs] we were just like, some of them were really great and he was like, ‘Been there, done that, we don’t want to do that anymore.’ … We had all of these great ideas and Paul Rosenberg just shot every last one down and then he goes, ‘You know what, Eminem really likes cars. Let’s just do something with cars. Eminem really likes cars, he’s really into muscle cars, Detroit, the whole kinda symbolism of General Motors,’ and we’re like, ‘Ok!,’ because at that point we were just like let’s make him comfortable and what I’ve seen from this album that they’re doing with promoting it is, they’re really trying to push away from the whole Slim Shady, off the wall antics thing. They want to bring it to a more realistic person.” (SOHH)

Em’s RESPECT cover began to circulate online Thursday (June 3) afternoon.

To further promote his forthcoming Recovery album, Eminem graces this month’s issue of Respect magazine. Slim Shady conducts an exclusive interview and gives insights on what people should expect of Recovery, which drops on June 22nd. The issue hits newsstands on June 9th. (Bloginity)

50 Cent previously graced the last cover.

Y’all peeped the dope premiere with Hov and Pac, now the mag that celebrates the visual beauty behind the artform is back at it. Cover number two goes to the one and only Curtis Jackson. Hey, I like that guy and I like this cover. Ha! On sale: March 9. I like that date too! (Rap Radar)

Eminem’s RESPECT cover will land in stores Wednesday, June 9th.

Check out a recent Eminem interview below:

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