Remy Ma’s Shooting Victim Wants Label To Pay Up, “Universal Music Hires & Encourages Rap Artists To Act Violently”

Remy Ma’s Shooting Victim Wants Label To Pay Up, “Universal Music Hires & Encourages Rap Artists To Act Violently”

The victim of incarcerated rapper Remy Ma‘s 2007 shooting, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Universal Music Group.

According to attorney Lauren Raysor, the label helped promote violence.

“Failure to supervise, negligent hiring, and negligent retention,” Raysor tells the Voice. “[Universal] continued to feature her on their site right after the shooting, and linked their website to Remy Ma’s website. Raysor previously told reporters: “Universal hires and encourages rap artists to act violently and engage in anti-social behavior in order to sell CDs. Thus, part of the performer’s persona promoted by the company is to ‘keep it real’ and remain ‘gangsta.'” (Village Voice)

Remy was convicted of shooting Barnes-Joseph in May 2008.

The former Terror Squad member turned herself in to New York police in July 2007 for the shooting of Makeda Barnes-Joseph outside a nightclub. Remy was later sentenced to an eight year bid last May and is currently held behind bars at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Bedford Hills. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, Remy said she hoped to be released from jail in the next few months.

“Hopefully I can be home soon, like, before the summer,” Remy told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom regarding her appeal. “If none of my appeals work and I had to do the most, probably another three years, a little bit over three years. I have eight [years], but you don’t do the whole eight, you have to do about six and I’ve already done two.” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

Her husband/rapper Papoose recently updated fans on Remy’s appeal status.

“I can’t speak about it in detail due to legal reasons, but we just recently got some great news concerning her second appeal” Papoose revealed in an interview. “Let’s just say that she’s blessed. I highly doubt she will have to serve the full time. If justice is served, then she will come home now. My plan is to see her walk out of that hellhole and get a breath of fresh air so we can enjoy life.” (VIBE)

Check out Remy Ma speaking on her prison sentence down below:

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