Remy Ma’s Prison Release Date Finally Revealed: “They Locked My B*tch Up For 6 Years But Guess What?” [Video]

Remy Ma’s Prison Release Date Finally Revealed: “They Locked My B*tch Up For 6 Years But Guess What?” [Video]

New York rapper Papoose has provided the update all diehard Remy Ma fans have wanted for years by releasing his wife’s prison release date.

According to reports, the former Terror Squad member is due out this upcoming summer.

Papoose dropped a gem at a recent show in Allentown,PA unveiling that his wifey Remy Ma will soon be coming home. Locked up for six years now, Remy fell victim to an assault charge and has been locked up since 2008. “They locked my b*tch up for 6 years, but guess what? July she coming home,” Papoose said to the crowd prior to evoking a “Remy Remy” chant. (XXL Mag)

Last fall, Pap hinted at Remy possibly being a free woman by next summer.

“Went 2c Rem yesterday she focused get ready America July 2014 it’s on #freeremy #40belowflow #hoodieseason #thatsmyword Real females do real things!!,” Pap posted onto his Instagram page November 29. (Papoose’s Instagram)

In 2012, Pap said he used her legal crunch as a constant reminder of what could happen to him.

“It don’t mess with me at all,” Papoose said in an interview. “It actually inspires me. It inspires me to do better, because that could be me in that situation. It could be you or anybody living in this country. None of us are exempt from that; it could happen to any one of us. Everybody that’s incarcerated is not guilty.” (Good Fella Meda)

Former rap rival Lady Luck previously told SOHH she wished the best for Remy during her bid.

“As far as her legal woes are concerned, I don’t wish that on no one,” Lady told SOHH referring to Remy Ma’s eight-year jail sentence. “You know what I mean? It’s trying on people mentally, I know especially for her, because she had her career, her child and regardless of whatever happened between her and I, I never wish that on nobody. I don’t wish that on nobody because I did a punk a** 110 days [behind bars] and I know I was in there dying. So eight years, six years year, whatever. Regardless of what happened between us, I couldn’t wish that on her. My heart goes out to her in her situation.” (SOHH)

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Check out Papoose’s announcement:

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