Remy Ma’s Jail Days Coming To An End

Remy Ma’s Jail Days Coming To An End

After over five years behind bars on a gun conviction, former Terror Squad member Remy Ma is reportedly looking to head back home by mid-2014.

According to Remy’s rapper husband Papoose, she should be returning within the next year.

“Had a good visit with Rem today the wait is almost over10 months left #freeremy,” Pap tweeted with a photo of himself and Remy. (Papoose’s Twitter)

Last year, Pap hopped onto his Twitter page and immediately nixed death hype involving Remy.

“Just left my wife on the visit 2day @ 330 she was and still is fine yall haters need 2 get a life @freeremyma,” he tweeted Monday (July 16).

“Google need 2 step they sh*t up and stop pushing fake stories @freeremyma” (Papoose’s Twitter)

The former TS member also called up New York radio station Hot 97 to reveal her well-being last summer.

“I’m good. I heard I’m dead and all types of craziness,” Remy said in an interview with Funkmaster Flex. “People are crazy. They have nothing to do with their lives — I’m in New York state, I’m about 45 minutes from the BX. [When am I expecting to come home?] In about twenty-two and a half months. Yeah. It’s been almost five years I’ve been gone. … It’s almost over.” (Hot 97)

Death rumors on Remy surfaced online last year and even hit her Wikipedia page.

Is Remy Ma dead? Twitter exploded with death rumors that the Grammy-nominated rapper was stabbed to death in her prison cell after her Wikipedia page was amended to say that she died July 15, 2012. Remy Ma, one of the 1990s’ most beloved female rappers, was simply the latest victim of an online death hoax, as her Wikipedia has since been changed back to reflect the fact that she did not actually pass away on Sunday. (IBTimes)

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