Remy Ma & Papoose Album In The Works, “We Have So Many Songs Recorded Together” [Video]

Remy Ma & Papoose Album In The Works, “We Have So Many Songs Recorded Together” [Video]

Incarcerated rapper Remy Ma is reportedly working on putting out a collaboration album with her husband/rapper Papoose.

According to Remy, she wants to hold off the project’s release until she returns home from jail.

“I be killing him on all the tracks I’m on,” Remy playfully said about collaborating with Pap. “[laughs] I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Actually, we have so many songs recorded together and he’s like, ‘We’re doing the Mr. & Mrs. Mackie mixtape.’ We’re actually doing an album together and we have numerous songs together…We have a lot of songs we did together and it’s crazy. I actually want to be there though, so, that should be soon because like I said, I’ll be coming home sooner than you guys think. It’s gonna be so sad. [smile].” (World Star Hip Hop)

Pap recently said Remy’s new appeal is looking good.

“I can’t speak about it in detail due to legal reasons, but we just recently got some great news concerning her second appeal,” Papoose revealed in an interview. “Let’s just say that she’s blessed. I highly doubt she will have to serve the full time. If justice is served, then she will come home now. My plan is to see her walk out of that hellhole and get a breath of fresh air so we can enjoy life.” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, Remy said she hoped to be released from jail in the next few months.

“Hopefully I can be home soon, like, before the summer,” Remy told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom regarding her appeal. “If none of my appeals work and I had to do the most, probably another three years, a little bit over three years. I have eight [years], but you don’t do the whole eight, you have to do about six and I’ve already done two.” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

Last summer, Remy updated fans on her well-being via a blog posting.

“I really miss everything but I especially can’t wait to get back in the studio and onstage again, I’ve been writing like crazy,” she wrote in a blog entry. “First off I’d like to send love to C-Murder, his family and children…Some people are aware, but I realize that a lot of people don’t know that I have a son. He just turned 9 years old and I was able to celebrate his birthday with him and Pap, they stayed with me for 5 days and 4 nights. We had so much fun. I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, I baked cookies, cakes, and banana pudding. We watched movies, played board games and took a lot of pictures…I just want to say that I so love the ‘Wendy Williams Show.’ I try to watch it everyday. I love watching the videos that are sent in of little kids saying ‘How You Doin?’ I couldn’t pay my son to do that! I have to go on her show though when I get home.” (Global Grind)

Check out Remy Ma’s interview down below:

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