Redman’s “Reggie” Channels “The Other Guys” Swag

Redman’s “Reggie” Channels “The Other Guys” Swag

New Jersey rapper Redman has compared his new Reggie LP to the likes of Hollywood action-comedy film The Other Guys, which stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

When asked to compare his album to a feature film, the rapper was quick to place Reggie head-to-head with the blockbuster caliber movie.

“I like questions that make me think [Laughs]. I want to give you a good answer for that one. I usually think of movies when I’m doing this sh*t. I would compare it to something that moves fast like Snatch. That’s an excellent movie put together from beginning to end. Reggie could be The Other Guys because playing cops is something that’s out of the box for Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. For The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson to be together was pretty genius too. Samuel L. Jackson played it both ways as far as being dramatic and funny. The Rock is definitely funny, and it was hilarious to see them teaming up. That was something new for all of those guys. That’s how I look at the album as The Other Guys!” (Artist Direct)

Last month, Red discussed showcasing his “Reggie Noble” alter-ego on the album.

“I went in on the album. It’s not a Redman album, it’s a Reggie album, so it’s like ‘Redman Presents Reggie’ [project] so [there’s] no skits, no ‘Superman Lova’ on it, none of the Redman antics y’all are used to on the album. Something different — it’s not really like an alter ego, it’s like an alter ego in the music, as far as the love of music. As far as Redman, you always have to be hip-hop because everyone’s expecting it, you can just drop hip-hop beats. Reggie Noble, he’s just all around music, international. I want to do all kinds of music every where. I would do house music, techno, I would rap over bongos if I got to. It don’t matter.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

The tracklisting to Red’s new album hit the Internet a few weeks ago.

1. Reggie (Intro) 2. That’s Where I B feat. DJ Kool 3. Def Jammable 4. Full Nelson feat. Ready Roc, Runt Dawg & Saukrates 5. Lift It Up 6. All I Do feat. Faith Evans 7. Lemme Get 2 feat. Saukrates 8. Mic, Lights, Camera, Action 9. Cheerz feat. Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford 10. Rockin’ Wit Da Best feat. Kool Moe Dee 11. Lite 1 Witcha Boi feat. Method Man & Bun B 12. When The Lites Go Off feat. Poo Bear 13. Tiger Style Crane (Reggie)

Last year, Red said he was not scared to inject auto-tune into the album.

“I got it on my new album — I don’t care,” said in an interview about auto-tune. “Reggie Noble is doing the album, not Redman. Let’s get that clear. Reggie Noble don’t give a f*ck! He wanna do auto-tune. He wants to do a pop record. He just wants to domusic because he loves music. What’s the difference between Reggie Noble and Redman is that this Reggie Noble album is more conceptual. It got concepts on it, it got auto-tune on it, it got a pop record on it. I had fun on it. I’m just throwing it out, giving it to Def Jam.” (Rap-Up)

Check out a trailer for “The Other Guys” down below:

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