Redman Discusses Nicki Minaj’s Rap Critics, “Either They’re Gonna Love/Hate But They Gotta Respect You” [Video]

Redman Discusses Nicki Minaj’s Rap Critics, “Either They’re Gonna Love/Hate But They Gotta Respect You” [Video]

Rap veteran Redman recently vouched for Nicki Minaj and addressed the recent criticism her camp has received for their style and image.

Red also applauded her for maintaining a strong buzz.

“I like Nicki Minaj, I love the whole Young Money camp and what they’re doing,” Red said in an interview. “Because hey, they’re keeping the sh*t going, you can’t know them. And I look at it as anyone that don’t like what they’re doing, step the f*ck up and change it then and make a change. You can’t sit back complaining on the sideline, you gotta be in the game…They’re original, even though Nicki Minaj has her wild style to her or whatever but she’s keeping them talking. And that’s what you want to do. She’s making an impact, I even said her name on one of my new records…They’re either gonna love you or hate you but they gotta respect you and I think that’s what Drake‘s going after, that’s what Nicki Minaj is going after…” (Vlad TV)

Incarcerated female rapper Remy Ma recently discussed Minaj’s haters.

“I’m happy for her,” Rem said about Minaj’s buzz. “I’m happy to see any black, young, young, old, it really doesn’t matter, any chick that’s from the hood trying to do her one-two thing, I’m happy. I see the hate that she gets, it’s the same hate that I got. When I was home, I used to see Nick all the time. She came to my birthday party, I went to one of her parties, I remember when she was on the Come Up DVD — when I started doing ‘my’ thing, they used to start throwing shade on me. They ain’t want to f*ck with me now that I was actually doing something. The industry, it’s a 1000 dudes out here, 962 of them are dead wack. It’s a 1000 dudes out here but when it comes to the females, they make it seem like there could only be one. Like that’s it — they try to put us together…” (Street Heat)

Last month, Minaj addressed being criticized within the rap game.

“There are some that say something positive,” Nicki said in an interview. “You should be happy I’m here even though I’m showing you b*tches how to do it. But umm, I get more love than hate. So you know, it’s expected when people see there’s one person getting shine, it makes them feel unhappy with themselves. The small minded people feel unhappy with themselves. The intelligent girls take the things that they like from me and my journey and apply it to their journey. If I had it my way, that’s what they’d all do. Everyone is not going to like Nicki Minaj. Everyone’s not going to like the way I look or what I do but I think if you’re smart you’d take from me and figure out why everyone is talking about me. That’d be the ‘smart’ thing to do. I don’t think they know how to express that so they express it with anger, jealousy and hatred and that consumes them and I’m still here.” (VIBE TV)

Model Gloria Velez recently released a “Roger Dat” diss going at the Young Money emcee.

“I’m in a six-speed drop and I’m sick with the clutch / I’m bout to go in on this bitch like a d*** in her guts / Come on Nicki? Is you licking or what? / How many silicone shots you gonna stick in your butt?” Velez opens the freestyle with. She goes on to throw several jabs at Minaj, poking fun at her alleged plastic surgeryenhancements, comparing her flow to a rapper with Tourette’s syndrome, and even accuses her of providing sexual favors to land a record deal. “It’s Glo, Murda Mami, strapped up, emergency / I wasn’t gonna do it, but bitch you keep urging me / You better run and use extreme urgency / brain f***ed up, too much plastic surgery,” Velez spits. “No matter how many times you bat your eye lashes / It ain’t gonna take away from the fact that you trash-ess,” she later raps, before adding: “Remember you came out a Lil Kim clone? / then you started sounding like your got Tourette’s syndrome.” (Baller Status)

Check out Redman speaking on Nicki Minaj & Young Money below:

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