Redman & Busta Rhymes Double Up, “Joe Budden Might Want To Get Slapped In His Face” [Audio]

Redman & Busta Rhymes Double Up, “Joe Budden Might Want To Get Slapped In His Face” [Audio]

Redman and Busta Rhymes have voiced their opinions on the statements made by Joe Budden last week regarding Method Man‘s rhyming skills in today’s rap climate.

While Method Man was also in attendance, both Red and Busta shared their thoughts on Budden’s criticism of emcees’ rankings on Vibe‘s “Best Rapper Alive” list.

“I think it was a great disrespect and he might want to get slapped in his face for it,” Busta told radio personality Ed Lover. “That’s just how I feel about it. I’m not saying that to be on no pro-violence thing because that’s not where I’m at with it. I still think that there is a fine line between entertainment and being morally and principally disrespectful.”

“I just laughed at it at first,” Red explained. “I’m a Jersey dude and he a Jersey dude so he already knows the business. I know my man got this, if he needs me to step in, I’m in. I’m already in it anyway. It’s gonna stay on the rap level too. I’m on that 32 [bars] too.” (Ed Lover In The Morning)

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon recently weighed in on Budden’s remarks.

“I was hurt by Joe’s comment,” Rae explained in an interview. “He seems like a cool dude, but I don’t appreciate him going at Meth like that. [Joe Budden] must’ve been feeling himself. You don’t play a legend who, like Method Man, did a lot for hip-hop…Joe bit off him anyway. When you listen to ‘Pump It Up,’ real n*ggas know where that flow came from. I’m not a battle rapper, but I will skin a n*gga, anybody. And, in my opinion, he isn’t better than Meth, never. You gotta watch what your mouth. Joe was out of character.” (Billboard)

Hip-Hop pioneer Melle Mel also took offense to Joey’s words as well.

“I was the first rapper to win a Grammy,” Mel said in a video clip. “I wasn’t surprised to see myself so high on the list in Vibe because anybody that knows about hip-hop they’ve known for years before it became it became the record business and even while it became the record business, I was a staple…My only surprise is that I’m not No. 1. I don’t really consider Joe Budden young and I don’t think he know but I just think he think that Melle Mel would be a softer target. I don’t think he wants to question the fact that Eminem is No. 1…I got a [body] chart, let’s just say if it’s from 1 to 30, let’s say Melle Mel would be the throat part or the mouth part of hip-hop. Joe Budden is down here at No. 32, that’s somewhere around the a** crack or ball sack of hip-hop…You take Melle Mel out the equation, nobody would be the same. All these cats that say they selling dope would really have to sell dope.” (T7 Live)

Upon receiving heat from fans and artists alike, Budden said he may have made a wrong decision by including Method Man in his rant.

“I will say it was in bad taste to single him out,” Budden said in an interview. “There was a large group of people I was talking about, it just so happens that he was the best fit because he was at the top. I could have went on and on and the world would have been mad at Joe Budden not just Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan. I reached out to him and tried to apologize for the bad taste not for what I said. I stand behind what I said wholeheartedly.” (Forbes DVD)

Check out a snippet of Busta and Redman’s interview below:

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