Red Cafe Gushes Over Sade, Katy Perry & Zoe Saldana, “I Like Clever, Not Slick Women”

Red Cafe Gushes Over Sade, Katy Perry & Zoe Saldana, “I Like Clever, Not Slick Women”

On the eve of Christmas, Brooklyn rapper Red Cafe recently opened up on his personal interest in female stars like Sade and Katy Perry along with unveiling a celebrity crush on actress Zoe Saldana.

Asked a few female-related questions, Cafe admitted he is a huge Sade fan.

“I listen to Sade. I’m a big Prince fan. Their melodies triggers things that make me feel like maybe I can do something like that,” he revealed. “[If I could collab with any pop artist?] I like Katy Perry. I think we’d make a hot record. [Celebrity crushes?] Zoe Saldana is hot. I like clever, not slick women. I’m very easily turned off.” (Global Grind)

The Brooklyn rhyme spitter also revealed his admiration for elusive rapper/singer Lauryn Hill.

“I definitely wanna work with Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. I think me and Lauryn Hill could make a great, classic record. I’m a fan of great artists and music, so for you to stay relevant and I’ve been around for a long time so for me to still be relevant, you have to be a fan. I listen to everything and then I take things that I need to take from it to inspire me, which I think is necessary.” (Global Grind)

Fellow New York rapper Saigon previously hit up SOHH and said he would choose R&B singer Keri Hilson for his 2011 Valentine.

“If I could choose any lady in the world for Valentine’s Day, it would be Keri Hilson,” Sai revealed. “Tell her I said that. [laughs] Tell her I love her. I love Keri Hilson. [Women like her] always say they like bad boys until they call and ask them for bail money. [laughs] Where would I take her for our date? Hmmm. Where would I take Keri Hilson on Valentine’s Day? I’d take her to the pad, man. We’re going to the crib just in case I don’t get this opportunity again. So I would try to seal the deal. One night, one shot, one kill. Tell her she’s on my mind all the time.” (SOHH)

Unfortunately for Sai, Keri told SOHH her big dreamy Valentine would be model Tyson Beckford.

“I don’t really know who I’d pick for Valentine’s Day,” Hilson confessed. “I guess the closest would be [model] Tyson Beckford, maybe. I don’t know him personally, so it’s purely off of looks. I only know him in passing and I think he’s adorable. That’s it. He’s somebody who in high school and in college I really had a crush on. So it would be him and where would we go? Hmm. Bowling.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Red Cafe footage below:

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