Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash Competitors Go Head To Head In L.A.

Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash Competitors Go Head To Head In L.A.

The Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash competition will break ground in the United States early next month, and will feature four music groups against one another in Los Angeles.

For hip-hop fans unfamiliar with the London-based competition, the event will be formally introduced at the Los Angeles hotspot Exchange on December 2nd.

The four competing groups are Stones Throw Records, Dim Mak, Dub Club and Smog, who represent electro, roots reggae, future beats, and vintage funk, soul and the Hip-Hop genres in the L.A. music scene. Stones Throw will feature Peanut Butter Wolf, Mayer Hawthorne, J Rocc and Dam Funk, who will represent soul and Hip-Hop music primarily, as they compete in four rounds agains the other groups. (All Hip Hop)

Similar to many of today’s popular competition shows, the groups will judged based on how well they perform in different rounds.

The format of the show will be broken into four rounds, the crowd will be voting after each round based on a series of criteria and their applause and cheers will be measured by a decibel meter. The evening will kick-off with each stage warming-up with a 15 minute set. The first round will be the “selection round,” where each collective will be voted upon based on their selection of music. The second will be the “entertainment round” and each collective will bring a special guest to their stage. The third will challenge each collective to stray from their norm and play a different genre of music on their sound system. The fourth and final round is the “banger round,” and each stage will pull out their biggest and baddest tunes to win over the crowd once and for all. (Press Release)

The Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash competition officially kicked off in February and last took place in October.

Last Thursday we returned to the Roundhouse in North London for a second Culture Clash following its debut in February this year during the 2010 Academy. We got London blogger Laurent Fintoni (who had caused a major stir with his controversial review of CC1 back in February) to reminisce the night at the Roundhouse. For those that missed it first time, the idea is rather simple: inspired by the long standing tradition of sound system clashes, RBMA bring together 4 sounds under one roof each with a rig, a small stage and four 20 minutes round with which to impress the audience, win them to their side and in the process kill sound boys dead (if so inclined). (Red Bull Music Academy)

Hip-Hop label Stones Throw Records has been entered the music industry over a decade ago.

Stones Throw Records is an independent hip hop record label based in Los Angeles, California. It was started in 1996 by DJ/Producer Peanut Butter Wolf in part to release the music he made with Charizma who was killed at the age of 20. (Wikipedia)

Check out footage of a previous Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash below:

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