Real & Chance Have Regrets, “God Dammit, I Miss So Hood”

Real & Chance

In this SOHH exclusive, Real and Chance dish about the contestants on their VH1 reality show “Real Chance of Love,” discuss their music and reveal what’s next with their Stallionaire movement.

Though Real and Chance first gained fame competing for the affections of Tiffany Pollard on the reality show,”I Love New York,” the brothers say they never fought over females when they were growing up.

“Nah, we never competed for girls,” Real said. “There was times that I found out [Chance] was sneaking around humping my girls on the bed but you know that’s a whole ‘nother story,” 

But that changed when VH1 decided to move 15 ladies into a ranch to compete for the attention of the brothers.  Now, they’re about half way through the season of their reality show, “Real Chance of Love” and the brothers think that they just might find women that they can spend their lives with.

“It’s looking like it,” said Chance.  “It’s very possible man.  I am a lover boy.  Its not too hard for me to love.”

Though he still has a few good candidates on the ranch, Chance told SOHH that he regrets getting rid of the girl that he dubbed So Hood.  “I kept a couple of these meatballs and tuna sandwiches around and got rid of my dog.  She may have chased me around the house a little bit.  She may even pulled knives on me but you know what at the end of the day she was just being So Hood.  God dammit.  I miss So Hood.”

On the other hand, Real has developed a deep connection with an older contestant named Milf.  She’s not a favorite among viewers of the show but Real doesn’t care.  “A lot of people think she looks like Sean Penn,” said Real.  “They’re telling me a lot of people don’t like her.  They think she’s too old.  But it is what it is.”

Even if the brothers don’t find love on this season of “Real Chance of Love,” they see the show as an opportunity to promote the music group they have with their brother Mike called The Stallionaires.

“Its just another stepping stone to a career,” said Chance.

“We’re like U2,” added Real. “You gon’ see The Stallionaires together until the end of our careers. We perform together. We do music together. My brother Mike he produces all the music and we’re actually producing his show right now, me and Chance.”

Real and Chance told SOHH that they’ve been approached by many major labels looking to sign them to a record deal but they haven’t accepted any offers.”We’re not so quick to take anybody’s old deal,” said Real. “We’ve been doing this too long man and we’re gonna get what we’re worth.”

The Stallionaires have released a single called, “Does She Love Me” on iTunes and they are hoping to drop an album during the first quarter of 2009. In the meantime, viewers can catch “Real Chance of Love” Monday nights at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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