Ray J’s KimYe Shots Surface In “I Hit It First” Trailer [Video]

Ray J’s KimYe Shots Surface In “I Hit It First” Trailer [Video]

R&B singer Ray J may have played coy when asked if his new “I Hit It First” anthem is a subliminal record directed toward Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but now his music video’s teaser appears to confirm the speculation.

In the 30-second preview, Ray takes aim at Yeezy by ending with a road sign which shows the rapper’s hometown.

In the “I Hit It First” music video, there are various glimpses which would make you believe Ray is banking on toying with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. For instance, when he makes his line about the unnamed woman going “West,” a road sign for “Chicago” appears, which of course is where Kanye West is from. There is also a shot of Ray laying in a bed with a woman, resembling Kim Kardadshian’s body, wearing heels bent over him, although her face is not shown. To make things ever worse, the teaser ends with the shot of the Chicago road sign. (SOHH)

Last week, Ray admitted he had no concerns about backlash from KimYe.

“I’m not thinking about that,” Ray said in an interview when asked for his take on Kanye not responding back to him. “We didn’t do this record to get a response from nobody. Like, we did this record for people to go to iTunes, pick the record up, when you hear it in the club, you go crazy. If you want to pop it on your iTunes that’s in your phone and have a crazy conversation about what it is, that’s what we did it for. We run an independent company and we having fun. … The thing about it is I’m not saying anything to nobody. The record speaks for itself. The record is so over-the-top that for us to go into the interviews and go crazy over some sh*t, it’s too much. It’s distasteful.” (“Street Sweepers Radio”)

Earlier this month, Ray denied having any ill feelings directed toward Mr. West.

“Yeah, he’s a great dude,” Ray said in an interview when asked if he had ever met Ye before. “I have nothing but respect. Even in these interviews I don’t really go into a lot of detail about that situation because it’s not my place to. For me it’s staying focused on the concept at hand and to me that’s Ray J, that’s this wild lifestyle that we live and the experiences that we have within this lifestyle.” (The Boom Box)

Despite creating a catchy tune, the singer recently admitted his sister Brandy Norwood was less than thrilled about it.

“This is like one of my first songs where every lyric, I almost have to explain where I was going with the record,” Ray said in an interview. “I don’t want to say no names, the main mission for this whole campaign is to not say no names. Even though the song’s edgy and the song’s intense — we still want to be respectable, especially in these interviews. … Brandy’s a bit upset. She’s a bit upset. I haven’t talked to her ’cause I know what kind of lecture I’m gonna get. Brandy’s a whole different kind of person. She lives in a different kind of world. I’m way more turnt up. My lifestyle is way more on the edge. So, for her, a lot of the things I do, she might not understand but I can say she’s got my back. She is a little bit concerned and worried about the journey.” (Civil TV)

Check out the teaser:


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