Ray J Swung Loso’s Way, Fabolous Sports Visible Injury At Vegas Concert [Video]

Ray J Swung Loso’s Way, Fabolous Sports Visible Injury At Vegas Concert [Video]

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous may have actually suffered a face shot from R&B singer Brandy’s brother/artist, Ray J, as new concert footage displays Loso’s bruised mug.

A clip from Fab’s Las Vegas, Nevada concert last weekend has emerged online.

Footage of Fabolous performing at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada shortly after his fight with Ray J shows a bruise on the side of his face. The injury contradicts earlier statements made by Loso about their altercation. (Hip Hop DX)

Earlier this week, rap star 50 Cent, who was present during the physical scuffle, said Ray J never swung at Fab’s face.

“Soon as he comes, Ray popped off more like, ‘Yo, I told you my people wasn’t going to be happy with all that,'” 50 explained to Funkmaster Flex. “He got pretty close to him while he was saying it — Fab is looking at him like he’s crazy ’cause he’s looking at me — He said, ‘Yo, you lost your mind?’ [Did Ray J swing?] Nah. What happened after that, I think he got a little juice in him, I think Ray had a little something in him — I’m not saying Ray J’s lying. He did actually get moving in the hallway but I got between both of them. I ain’t see no fear — [Did he get punched in the face?] Nah. He didn’t because he got three bouncers. If he got punched in the face in ain’t enough for you to call it a punch.” (Hot 97)

However, on Monday (September 19), Ray addressed the fight speculation and proclaimed himself the victor.

“I’ma smack you up again, fool! ‘Ray J got beat up?’ I’ll sock that n*gga in the face, my n*gga,” Ray J told DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. “All I’m saying is if you got Fab’s number, tell that n*gga to send you a picture of his face right now…I’m with the Money Team right now. I swear to God he’s running from me right now…[After I hit him,] he fell back because he’s a sucker — Fab ain’t no comedian. My homie saved his life when he was in LA so how dare you even speak disrespectful to me. So when I seen him, I was with Floyd [Mayweather] and 50 [Cent] and he tried to say ‘Don’t touch me’ and I [punched] that n*gga — If you disrespect me, don’t come to the West Coast. So he in Las Vegas and he tried to disrespect me?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Later in the day, Fab hopped on the phone and killed Ray J’s claims.

“Who called in, Tupac?” Fab said sarcastically referring to Ray J’s initial Monday morning rant. “Tupac called in? That wasn’t Ray J. You can’t be serious. That wasn’t Ray J. That wasn’t him. That wasn’t Willy Norwood Jr. That wasn’t him. That wasn’t Brandy brother…It was no fight, it was no swing — This whole story that he made up, that Tupac rant about him swinging on somebody and all of that sh*t is all lies. It’s all, high on coke, on that Whitney. That’s all on that Whitney last night. Ain’t no swings take place. You can ask the Money Team. The Money Team was standing right there. Ask the Money Team that hes probably the water boy for — There’s nothing to squash. We can progress in our own ways. He can go his way and I can go my way. He can continue playing the piano at Floyd’s crib if he wants and I’ll continue to do what I do and he can continue to do concerts in n*ggas living rooms all he wants.” (Power 105.1)

Check out the latest new footage below:

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