Ray J On Avoiding Nude Photo Leaks, “You Can’t Have That On Your Computer”

Ray J On Avoiding Nude Photo Leaks, “You Can’t Have That On Your Computer”

R&B singer Ray J has offered some advice to artists and fans who want to avoid having nude pictures leak.

Writing in a blog entry, Ray J spoke on what security measures people should take.

“First off, if you want to keep your stuff private then you can’t have nude photos in your portfolio. You can’t have that on your computer. That’s the first way to stay away from it: Don’t do it. And then the second thing is don’t do it. Lol,” he wrote. “People can always find a way to get it out because sometimes you might have a best friend or a righthand that you get into it with and they could’ve had that footage and you telling them how you feel about them and you ain’t gon’ never deal with them and Eff you and then the next thing you know, boom there it is. So you never know. My advice is don’t do it if you ain’t trying to get caught up.” (Ray J’s VIBE Blog)

Rapper Trina previously talked about being careful with nude photos on cell phones.

“I lost my phone and I had some pictures of me that I don’t want the world to see,” Trina said in an interview. “And I’m thinking, if it ever comes out, I’m devastated, but I mean, it’s not sex tape pictures but still, I don’t want you to see them, they’re not for you. But losing a phone and all this stuff happens — but it’s a wake up call…I just feel like, what’s personal is personal. I don’t feel like, as an artist, like I need to do anything to expose myself. I don’t need to put out a nude photo for press…I don’t need a sex tape of me and my, my significant other to be worldwide, for the world to see.” (STR8 NYC)

Last month, Lloyd Banks discussed the aftermath of having controversial images land on the Internet.

“Sh*t, the fact of losing music is embarrassing enough, but all that other sh*t like pictures and video… I don’t do any of that sh*t,” Banks explained in an interview. “You gotta know who you are as a human. [Laughs] If you’re sending somebody your picture and you’re just a regular Mo, then that picture won’t mean anything. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to be embarrassed. You can be a regular person that turned into a celebrity later. So that goes for the regular Moes too. Be careful…[For Trina,] I’m like ‘D*mn.’ That’s something I wanted to see for a minute. I ain’t mad at it. I mean, I don’t wish that on nobody, but it happened and I’ma look.” (VIBE)

Ray J’s mom recently talked about her son’s sex tape with Kim Kardashian being released in 2007.

“They were dating for five years, they were in love but I always said “What you don’t want people to see, you don’t do” regardless of how much you love someone..but [the sex tape] somehow surfaced. But my point is, with all the hoopla with it being Ray Jand people trying to blame him, did you see him on the cover of Playgirl? Did you see him in the centerfold of Playgirl? (Necole Bitchie)

Check out Trina talking about leaked nude photos down below:

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