Rare Kanye West & Donda West “Like Son, Like Mother” Footage Surfaces [Video]

Rare Kanye West & Donda West “Like Son, Like Mother” Footage Surfaces [Video]

Archived footage of rap star Kanye West and his late mother Donda West has surfaced online and shows the G.O.O.D. Music leader during his pre-fame days rapping.

The footage, titled “Like Son, Like Mother,” gives viewers a glimpse of the bond between Ye and his mother.

Rare footage surfaces of G.O.O.D. Music head honcho Kanye West rapping alongside his mom from 2003. You don’t have to be a big Kanye West fan to know just how close Yeezy was to his mother. The rapper has expressed it on countless tracks, interviews, and during award shows. It’s been nearly 5 years since Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West, passed away due to surgery complications, but her legacy still lives on through Kanye West’s music. Today a video aptly titled “Like Son, Like Mother” surfaces which shows Kanye West rapping alongside his mother back in 2003. Donda, who was an English professor, recites some of Kanye’s rhymes, missing some parts before Kanye jumps in and helps her through the complete verse. (The Versed)

Last year, the rap icon dedicated a Chicago concert to Dr. West.

“It’s a glorious occasion,” Yeezy told fans. “But right now I want y’all to put two fingers in the air right now. I wanna dedicate this show to the lady that brought me to Chicago at age three, the first black female chair of the English department at Chicago State University, Dr. Donda Claire Ann West. I know she up there looking down right now and she helped me get through these past four years, when America turned they back on me, when the world turned they back on me for tellin’ ya’ll the motherf*cking truth — and now I’m leading the Grammy nominations. And I just wanna thank BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z for standing by me in my darkest hours and you, Chicago, for standing by me in my darkest hour and giving me reason to feel like I should stay alive when the world thought I should die and staying by my side.” (Get In Tune! Stupid)

In 2007, married couple Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© attended Donda West’s funeral.

Heartbroken Kanye West collapsed in tears as he paid tribute to his mother Dr. Donda West at her funeral. Around 1,000 friends and family, including singer Beyonce and rapper boyfriend Jay-Z, mourned West’s mother at a funeral service in Oklahoma City. She died 12 days ago after plastic surgery, including a breast reduction and tummy tuck, and liposuction. (Daily Mail UK)

A few months back, reports claimed Ye may have started a clothing line in her honor.

Despite the fact that many sites are reporting that there is validity to the @Dwbykanye Twitter handle, suggesting that Kanye West’s line will be called “DW,” the rapper has set the record straight, and informed us all that this is not true and that the Twitter handle was indeed a fake. “DW” refers to Donda West, his beloved mother who passed away in 2007. I think it’s a beautiful personal touch, and I only hope his collection comes together. For now, we can all keep waiting for more info. (Stylecaster)

Check out “Like Son, Like Mother” below:

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