Rappers React To Chris Brown’s Plea Deal, “Beyonce & Kobe Have The Same Type Of Haters”

Rappers React To Chris Brown’s Plea Deal, “Beyonce & Kobe Have The Same Type Of Haters”

A day after Chris Brown accepted a plea deal for his alleged assault on Rihanna, rappers have expressed their thoughts and reactions including Soulja Boy, Chamillionaire, N.O.R.E. and more.

Updating his Twitter followers on the case’s outcome, Soulja Boy shared yesterday’s results online.

“chris brown gets 180 days hard labor,” he wrote. “5 years felony probation…ordered to stay away from rihanna.” (Soulja Boy’s Twitter)

Chamillionaire compared Brown’s public image to the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant.

“Seems like Chris Brown has less haters than Kobe,” he wrote via Twitter. “Beyonce & Kobe have the same type of haters.” (Chamillionaire’s Twitter)

Nore also displayed his interest in the case yesterday.

“How yall doing???,” he wrote via Twitter. “Chris brown coped out??? @titom5 not funny!!!!” (Nore’s Twitter)

Red Cafe provided his Twitter fans with a direct link to his website for the sentencing updates.

“wow…,” he wrote. “chris brown/rhianna sentencing! story on www.hottestinthehood.com what ya’ll think???” (Red Cafe’s Twitter)

The case also caught the attention of comedian Anthony Anderson who voiced his support for Brown.

“I wish them well,” he said in an interview. “”I’m not going to let a personal instance tain my opinion of someone musically.” (MTV)

Brown avoided jail time yesterday after appearing in a California courtroom.

A plea deal has been reached in the assault case against Chris Brown, defense attorney Mark Geragos said in a hearing Monday. Under terms of the agreement, Brown will serve five years of probation. Los Angeles Criminal Court Judge Patricia Schnegg decided against allowing cameras into the courtroom during Rihanna’s testimony, court spokesman Allan Parachini said. (CNN)

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