Rapper Takes Bow Wow’s Twitter Hostage, “You Want Page Back, I Want 10K”

Rapper Takes Bow Wow’s Twitter Hostage, “You Want Page Back, I Want 10K”

Cash Money rapper Bow Wow‘s popular Twitter page has been compromised by an alleged aspiring hip-hop artist resulting in him launching a new temporary one.

According to a Bow Wow rep, the rapper’s page is in fact under the control of someone else.

How does one aspiring rapper try to get some serious promotion for his mixtape? Hack into a well-known artist’s Twitter and go on a tweeting frenzy. Followers of Bow Wow might have found themselves confused by his recent posts on the social media site yesterday and today, and there’s a very logical and simple explanation for that–it wasn’t him. “Bow Wow’s account has in fact been hacked,” the rapper’s rep confirms to E! News. “We have contacted Twitter and hope to have this issue resolved very soon. Until then, Bow Wow will be using the Twitter handle @YMCMBow.” (E! Online)

The hacker held his page for hostage and made a demand on Tuesday (August 21).

“N*gga i got Bow twitter on smash follow me… Im the haaacker this n*gga got B*TCHES in his DM’s. Bow u want pg back i want 10k,” the hacker tweeted August 21st.

“N*gga we on I got all bow wow b*tches. If ya boy want his page bk tellem I need 10k asap”

“all you lil fans that’s mad so be it. I want followers. Pick up my new mixtape “the street code vol1 n*gga got 2 mill followers ima promote” (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

The hacker continued to use Bow Wow’s page and made more demands on Wednesday.

“Some one said my mixtape street code vol 1 on datpiff is trash. Okay instead of saying that to hurt my pride why not help. I’m 19 trying”

“Now I’m upset. Why yall throwing my real name around for me to just get caught? Like wow people really don’t want a new rapper to get on?”

“Well you can hate me all you want. YOU PEOPLE are mad becuase I’m going to make it big. You people are childish. Go get my mixtape vol 1″

“All I want from bow wow is 10k and a follow and ill stop this. I just want to be heard. If I had the money It wouldn’t have to be like this”

“Man I’m getting dms from universal. Look I’m sorry bowwow man ima fan I know you can read your timeline I just want to be heard can you help” (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

This all comes weeks after an adult film star reportedly sued the rapper for stealing one of her dances.

Rapper Bow Wow swiped a dancer’s performance from another band’s music video and used it in his “Drank in My Cup” music video without permission, a French porn star claims in Federal Court. Celine Tran, professionally known as “Katsuni,” claims she appeared as a “club dancer” in a music video for the French band Electronic Conspiracy. She says rapper Bow Wow (Shad Gregory Moss) used that dance performance in his “Drank in My Cup” music video without her permission to promote his upcoming album, “Underrated.” He allegedly posted the music video on his official YouTube page and linked to it on Twitter on April 20. (Court House News)

Check out some recent Bow Wow footage below:

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