Rapper Big Pooh Flushes Little Brother Reunion Rumor, “I’ve Got Genuine Love For Phonte & 9th But…” [Video]

Rapper Big Pooh Flushes Little Brother Reunion Rumor, “I’ve Got Genuine Love For Phonte & 9th But…” [Video]

Former Little Brother member Rapper Big Pooh has stepped up to address rumors and speculation claiming a reunion is set to take place with him and ex-groupmates Phonte and 9th Wonder.

While a reunion is not happening any time soon, Pooh said there is no bad blood between him and his past affiliates.

“If it is [a rumor], this is the first time I’m hearing of it,” he said. “At the end of the day, I definitely respect and appreciate the foundation that was Little Brother, but at this point in time, I’m just concentrating on me. I’ve got genuine love for Phonte and 9th [Wonder] and I wish them luck, I wish them well, I [hope] they accomplish all the goals that they set out to accomplish, but I have to take this time to really concentrate on me and what I’m doing.” (Amadeuz TV)

Earlier in the week, 9th Wonder answered questions surrounding a possible reunion.

“There’s really no need, man. And I get it, because in ’98, Pete Rock and CL Smooth broke up and A Tribe Called Quest broke up. When someone asks, “Is there going to be a Tribe reunion?” and you see Q-Tip say, “Nah,” you just go, “What the h*l, man?!” But when you’re in it, man, I mean.” (AV Club)

Phonte also said fans’ lack of understanding their personal relationship has caused confusion as to why they do not plan on reuniting.

“I just think it’s something that only the people in the group understand. Going back to your divorce analogy, the only people who know what went on in that marriage are the two people in the marriage. The kids can have an opinion, the people in the church can have an opinion, the public can say, “Oh but y’all were such a cute couple.” Such a cute couple? So we’re going to stay married just ’cause we took good f*cking pictures? Are you f*cking serious? You don’t know what this b*tch tried to do to me. So it’s something that only we will understand; why we feel we’ve fulfilled our purpose and said all we had to say.” (AV Club)

After Big Pooh and Phonte separated last year, Pooh later hit up SOHH to share his reaction to 9th Wonder and his partner reuniting months ago.

“I think for the time being, people can rejoice in 9th and Phonte finally deciding to talk and put a lot of the things in the past and leave it there. They wanted to let the people know as far as their relationship that it was about being men. Phonte said it was about being men, it wasn’t about music and it definitely wasn’t about a reunion. It was about a brotherhood. That trumps music any day of the week. A lot of people still will forever hold out hope for a Little Brother reunion. Will it come? I doubt it, but I guess it feels good to see [them] finally talking.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Big Pooh, 9th Wonder and Phonte once made up hip-hop trio Little Brother. Since the late 90’s, Pooh has released music as a member of Little Brother and as a solo act, including 2005’s Sleepers and 2009’s The Delightful Bars. In 2007, 9th Wonder departed the trio and Little Brother officially broke up in 2010.

Check out Rapper Big Pooh’s interview below:

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