Rapper Apologizes After Kicking Out Concertgoer Following Twitter Diss, “It Wasn’t Right, It Wasn’t Cool” [Video]

Rapper Apologizes After Kicking Out Concertgoer Following Twitter Diss, “It Wasn’t Right, It Wasn’t Cool” [Video]

Rapper MC Chris has stepped up to apologize after catching heat earlier this week when he forced a fan to leave his Philadelphia show in light of a diss directed at his opening act, Richie Branson.

MC Chris released a self-recorded video and explained his tendency of removing potential disturbances from shows.

“My name is MC Chris, I had a horrible day today and I’m sure someone else had a bad day today too because they didn’t get to see the show last night, didn’t get to see the bands they wanted to see because I kicked them out of the venue,” he said in a video. “It wasn’t right, it wasn’t cool. I did the wrong thing. I definitely made a mistake. But I think there are bigger issues at hand. … I do a lot of shows and there are hecklers and drunk people and usually I like to remove them or there are people who like to push to the front and push people out of the way and I like to remove them. … I don’t have security, I don’t have a label, I don’t have a manager, I don’t have any of that stuff, but sometimes people come on stage and stuff happens that is just distracting while I’m trying to perform.” (MCVBlogs)

He also got on Twitter to speak out on his controversial move.

“tomorrow night the merch table will feature bottles of my crocodile tears which I’ve come to understand are delicious.,” he tweeted July 18th.

“what I really feel bad about is using vertical video. ?#sorry?”

“if you ask for an autograph I will not call you a f*ggot and say next. people are saying things that aren’t true. my real fans will verify”

“can’t wait to show everyone what a show is really like tonight in baltimore.”

“no one gets kicked out, everyone can tweet whatever they like, and i’ll make sure everyone feels respected. and there’s music too!” (MC Chris’ Twitter)

Details of what transpired from Tuesday’s concert have begun circulating online.

People have been fired, dumped and scorned over inappropriate Tweets, so perhaps an MC Chris fan shouldn’t be too surprised that the geek rapper kicked him out of his concert on Tuesday night. Mike Taylor posted a critical tweet of MC Chris’ opening act, Richie Branson. He then stepped out to the lobby to buy a drink. That’s when things started getting wild. Branson says he heard the crowd at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer arena go “nuts” as Chris talked about the tweet and repeatedly used Taylor’s real name. “My friend and I looked at each other confused and heard him ask for it again,” Taylor wrote on Reddit. “I got up, walked back onto the floor and raised my hand. He then pointed at me and yelled, “Security is going to take you the f–k out now! That’s what you get for talking sh-t on Twitter!” (Huffington Post)

Reports suggest the fan also received ample support in light of Chris’ action.

Most comments on Reddit were in support of Taylor and aggressive towards MC Chris (you can almost hear the sharpening pitchforks). Popular comments included “Heard that he holds out on paying his staff too, even when they desperately need $$$ for food”, and “I’m taking a stand by deleting the two songs of his that I pirated.” Later on even Branson, the rapper whom Taylor had criticized, appeared to be supportive. He thanked Taylor: “thank you for making the Philly show the best show so far my man! Best wishes”. Taylor later apologized to Branson for the negative attention directed towards him due to the incident. (Forbes)

Check out MC Chris’ video below:

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