Rakim Speechless Over ‘Hall Of Fame’ Nod, “It’s Like Proving You Can Be Over 40 & Still Nice On The Mic”

Rakim Speechless Over ‘Hall Of Fame’ Nod, “It’s Like Proving You Can Be Over 40 & Still Nice On The Mic”

Rap veteran Rakim recently shared his thoughts on getting listed as a nominee, alongside former affiliate Eric B., for induction into next year’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Although now over 40 years old, Rakim said the nod has only inspired him to keep working harder.

“I was speechless. You can almost say, “Yeah, I made it,” getting nominated to that right there. It’s a big accolade. If I get in, it’ll definitely put the icing on the cake. To be noticed on that plateau, for me, is enough. It definitely lets you know that you’re noticed, appreciated, and somewhat made it in music. But I’ve got other things to prove. I don’t know why, but now it’s like [I’m] proving you can be over 40, still be relevant, still be nice on the mic, and you can still be a beast. All of these things. It don’t stop with me. I guess with the titles that I’ve been handed through the years, it inspires me to keep that up. If not, push it further.” (Complex)

Eric B. and Rakim’s Hall of Fame nod was announced in late September.

The nominations for the 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions are in and Eric B. & Rakim are among the honorees. Unfortunately, they’ll probably have to wait another year or so as it’s more likely that the Beastie Boys, who were nominated last year but ultimately snubbed, will be the sole Rap act selected this time around. Other nominees include, Guns & Roses, Rufus with Chaka Khan, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Cure. The induction ceremony is scheduled for April 14, 2012 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. (Nah Right)

Last year, after LL Cool J lost a shot at induction for the second consecutive time, lyricist/reporter Amanda Diva hit up SOHH to offer her take.

“LL Cool J is ill, do not get me twisted,” Diva told SOHH. “LL Cool J is ill but I kind of feel like there’s groups that could very well be in that position that haven’t been inducted yet. So we can be mad about it but the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is it’s not about hip-hop. That’s just what it is. It’s about a mass of music. It’s not about leaving LL Cool J out…They just, just, just inducted Jimmy Cliff and he’s a huge, huge, huge influence as far as reggae goes. There’s Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. Jimmy Cliff literally became only the second West Indian inducted into the Hall of Fame. And [people] are mad about LL Cool J? We got a long way to go.” (SOHH)

Last summer, Rakim celebrated the 25th anniversary for his Paid In Full album.

“It’s a blessing to be in the game this long and to have your work recognized after 25 years,” Rakim said in an interview. “It’s a big thing. The MC’s lifespan in the game is maybe seven years, 10 years, 12 years, so to be around and to get respect at this point is a blessing.” (MTV)

No formal date for induction announcements has been made yet.

Check out Rakim speaking to SOHH down below:

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