Raheem DeVaughn Defends Pulling “Trigga” W/ Styles P After Zimmerman Verdict

Raheem DeVaughn Defends Pulling “Trigga” W/ Styles P After Zimmerman Verdict

[With the nation still coming to grips with George Zimmerman being acquitted for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn speaks to SOHH readers about releasing his emotional Styles P-assisted “Trigga Man” tribute this week.]

The “Trigga Man” record was already recorded. I was kind of 50-50 about putting it out without the blessings of Trayvon Martin‘s family. I’m actually trying to work on that process right now. I did it kind of backwards but I feel like after the verdict, seeing the verdict and Trayvon’s father speaking on it, he was very adamant about not letting his son’s death go in vain.

So it’s interesting to see that with the trial over, there’s all of this dialogue and everybody has an opinion and there’s all these critics. I was just getting my haircut and people were talking about all of the violence going on in all of these places and Chicago is a different subject altogether.

Trayvon was basically judged and sentenced on trial the night that [the shooting] happened. I say that because there weren’t the proper tools to stand firm about what’s supposed to happen at a murder scene.

As artists, this is what we do. I can’t speak for everybody else, but I know for me, it ain’t about no publicity. If anything, I want to give this song to the families and they can sell it. All the proceeds can go to a foundation. I’m sure they could use money for the court costs.

As artists, we have to speak out. We have the power. We have the power to influence an opinion. I salute all the artists who have spoken out. I make bedroom songs but I do believe in balance. Music is a weapon.

You gotta keep that in perspective.

Whether releasing an R&B mixtape or a full-length album, working on his own project or helping new artists realize their dreams, Raheem DeVaughn continues to explore different ways in which he can spread love through music. In June 2011, he launched his own Internet radio program, “The Raheem DeVaughn Show,” on www.blis.fm/raheem that airs every Sunday night. The two-hour show not only features all things Raheem it brings a perspective of what’s going on in the world, while blending elements of lifestyle and pop culture for all listeners to appreciate.

Check out “Trigga Man”:

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