Rah Digga Rolls Solo On Comeback LP, “There Are No Cameo Features On the Album” [Video]

Rah Digga Rolls Solo On Comeback LP, “There Are No Cameo Features On the Album” [Video]

Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga has opened up about her forthcoming sophomore album and said she has decided to put out an LP without any guest features.

Although she has eliminated the chance of letting fans hear a Busta Rhymes reunion track, Digga linked with producer Nottz to record the beats for her entire project.

“I started reaching out to all of the producers from Dirty Harriet,” Digga explained in an interview. “I got to Nottz and I met with the other partners of the label, Raw Koncept, which is the label that will be distributing this album — as we started recording, by the time I got to that tenth song, it got to the point where I couldn’t even hear anybody else on the album [except Nottz.] I had a list of artists I wanted to collaborate with for the album, I had a list of producers that I wanted to hear on the album, and by the time, I say two weeks into recording — I couldn’t even think of a person I wanted on the album, I couldn’t even think of another producer to work with. So it’s all Nottz production, it’s all Rah Digga rhyming. There are no cameo features on the album, whatsoever, I’m just making a statement. What artist on what label is releasing albums right now that there are no guest appearances on the album, it’s just unheard of and it’s just one of the statements that I’m making, like ‘Hey, you want Rah Digga, you gonna get Rah Digga.’ You don’t need Rah Digga featuring such and such.” (XXL Mag)

Last July, Digga confirmed no longer being a part of Flipmode.

“No, I’m no longer with Flipmode,” Rah explained in an interview. “It was an amicable split though. There’s no beef, none whatsoever…[Today] I can’t try to conform to what the [music] industry thinks I should be doing or records I think should be a single, I should try to run after Akon or T-Pain on the hook, I’m just going to do what I love to do.” (Street Heat)

Her association with Busta Rhymes stemmed from having close ties to rap icon Q-Tip.

When A Tribe Called Quest‘s Q-Tip discovered her at a performance at New York’s Lyricist Lounge, he introduced her toBusta Rhymes, who invited her to join the Flipmode Squad. As a part of that hip-hop clique, she appeared on Rhymes’ 1997 album When Disaster Strikes and the Flipmode Squad’s The Imperial Album from 1998. (All Music)

Her debut album, Dirty Harriet, was released around 2000.

Dirty Harriet has a steely, raw sound; Digga favors bleak, unrelentingly minor-key samples, which gives the album a feel more akin to DMX and the Wu-Tang than to the tracks of most other female MCs. “Showdown” rolls with a sneaky organ hook, then Digga raps “So Cool” in a drone that recalls Ozzy Osbourne‘s lower registers; the tune is about the ephemeral nature of being, well, extremely fly. “Break Fool” may be the most evil metal-rap headbanger of the month — the way Rah Digga freaks the chorus, “Smoke it up, trick it up!,” is so muscular, it oughta send Fred Durst back to the StairMaster. (Rolling Stone)

No further album details have been revealed as of now.

Check out Rah Digga speaking on the upcoming album below:

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