Rah Digga Rocks SOHH Underrated Crown, “I Don’t Make Hit Records, I Make ‘Spit’ Records”

Rah Digga Rocks SOHH Underrated Crown, “I Don’t Make Hit Records, I Make ‘Spit’ Records”

After Sleepwalkas’ K. Gaines crowned Rah Digga SOHH Underrated this week, the former Flipmode Squad member has responded to the high praise.

Providing SOHH with an exclusive statement, Digga expressed her gratitude toward Gaines’ co-sign.

“I really appreciate that and real recognizes real. It makes me happy when people understand my contributions to music. I pride on raw Hip-Hop, I don’t make hit records I make “spit” records and that’s my specialty. It takes a certain endurance and discipline for emcees to evolve yet stay raw and hungry sounding from when they first come out…and that’s what I’ve been doing since 1996.” [sic] (SOHH)

Yesterday, Gaines likened Digga to a female version of veteran Ghostface Killah.

“I think one of the people I’ve really been listening to a lot lately is Rah Digga. I think she’s the female Ghostface Killah. Rah Digga. I’ve been listening to the Dirty Harriet CD and it’s so mind-blowing what she’s spitting out. She is one of those female emcees that really expresses it, whatever she’s talking about. You can hear and feel what she’s saying in her music. I think everything she’s done, starting with the Flipmode stuff and even going back to when she was messing with Lauryn Hill and them back in the days, when they were rocking together on that whole New Jersey thing. Especially when she was doing shows out there.” (SOHH Underrated)

Although he’s admittedly not a fan of female rappers, Boot Camp Clik’s Sean Price recently mentioned that Digga is one of his favorites.

“I don’t like no female rappers,” Price revealed in an interview. “Not one. Not one. [Lauryn Hill?] I did [like her], but she sings all the time so I wouldn’t call her a rapper. Yeah. [Lil Kim?] I like no female rappers. Not like I don’t like them personally, they don’t hold my interest. Except MC Lyte. I haven’t bought a female album, a female rap album, since MC Lyte, [1988’s] Lyte as a Rock. I haven’t bought one since. Straight up. I like none of them. I like none of them, sir. I only like MC Lyte’s albums. Let me take that back. Rah Digga. She gets busy too. And my wife is a big Rah Digga fan too. But other than that? None of them. I’m not buying none of they albums. All of them. That’s just me.” (Vlad TV)

Last fall, Digga sat down with SOHH and cleared up the perception of female emcees becoming extinct.

“There’s definitely a range of females who are doing things, but the only thing that really bothers me is when people say there are no females and that’s not true,” Digga explained to SOHH. “There are tons of females out there rapping. Everyone seems to look to the glamourous side of the females rapping but I think the media can control what females get exposure and things of that nature and they just don’t. Everybody complains about why aren’t there any females and why aren’t they getting exposure, but it’s because the media isn’t giving it to them. Simple and plain. It’s not rocket science. You know, pick one.” (SOHH)

Check out some past Rah Digga performance footage below:

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