Rah Digga On Nicki Minaj’s Rap Buzz, “I Think She’s Just One Facet Of [Hip-Hop]”

Rah Digga On Nicki Minaj’s Rap Buzz, “I Think She’s Just One Facet Of [Hip-Hop]”

Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga has shared her views on Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj and said the rap game should be more welcoming to female artists.

Digga thinks hip-hop doesn’t allow multiple female rappers to rise at the same time.

“I think she’s just one facet of it,” Digga said about Nicki taking hip-hop to the next level. “It’s unfortunate that with the females, it only gets to be one at a time. This year, it’s Nicki Minaj. At one point it was Remy [Ma]. At one point, it was [Lil] Kim. To me, everybody just takes turns. I don’t look at one person and say this is it for hip-hop. I think everybody brings all kind of different things to hip-hop. As soon as I come, everybody’s like ‘this is the real hip-hop!’ Whoever is poppin’ is where it’s poppin’. [Laughs] I think it’s important for females to do as much together as we can. We always say we wanna do stuff. And we might do some songs here and there. But we’re not really coming together. And it doesn’t help that soon as one of us puts a song out the public turns it into a diss song towards the next chick. I think there are all sorts of lanes for everybody. As long as chicks continue to do their thing and stand their ground, they’ll be alright. With me, it just about rhyming.” (All Hip Hop)

Last fall, Florida-based rapper Trina said Minaj should have been considered for MTV’s Hottest In The Game 2009 list.

“I expect that, because the industry is male dominated,” Trina said about the male dominance. “It’s just too many guys. You got Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, T.I., Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross and you got 10 MCs. Where are you going to put a girl? She definitely deserves the respect. She doesn’t have an album out or sold any records, but it’s more so about the passion and the response she gets from the listeners. To see her pave her way from nothing to come up to be a topic or a name. You give that respect to the person coming up making a name for themselves. That’s just real talk. I don’t pull any punches. People say I give too much credit to people but it’s not about that. It’s about being real. And being real is giving props when it’s due. You can’t be hating or mad when you see people doing their thing.” (XXL Mag)

She also vouched for female unity in the rap game last summer.

“It gets me because I know there are so many talented female MCs out there,” she explained in an interview. “There’s Lil’ Kim, Missy, Eve and all these beautiful women. They have all made great albums in the past. I just wish we had the same type of relationship as the guys. I think as women we are little more emotional; we have egos. That’s what’s making female rap smaller and smaller. After so long you just get tired of wishing about stuff.” (VIBE)

Rap newcomer Kid Sister previously shared her opinion on Minaj.

“I think Nicki Minaj is awesome,” Sister said in an interview. “She has a cute little look but my thing is do people take her seriously? I’m not being funny. I’m just asking a question. That whole thing like I want more cheese, lots and lots of cheese, do people make fun of her? But do I have it harder? No, I think I have it easier. Harder in the sense that maybe the pop world doesn’t know how to interpret me but easier in the sense that I know my music comes from me and it’s a clear and perfect projection of everything I am. It’s not only because I have control, but it’s because that’s the only music that can comfort me. I don’t know how to be anyone else. I can only really speak to myself and my own experiences, so if that means I’m talking about playing some dude bogus or f*cking it up at a party that’s literally the life that I live.” (Honey Mag)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj freestyle below:

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