Rah Digga & Chase N. Cashe React To Serena Williams’ Rap, “[She] Came Through W/ The Lil Mama Type Flair”

Rah Digga & Chase N. Cashe React To Serena Williams’ Rap, “[She] Came Through W/ The Lil Mama Type Flair”

Less than 24 hours after tennis star Serena Williams unleashed a new rap song, hip-hop artists Rah Digga and Chase N. Cashe have publicly reacted to her attempt to drop bars.

Rather than demolish Williams’ rhymes, Digga simply pointed out a particular line which stood out to her.

“”I’m always on top…roofer” Serena Williams’ new song…I mean…ok fine,” she tweeted May 11th.

“Yeah im so playin tennis now…and basketball…and whatever Amber Rose lists as her occupation… RT @AMAZINACE … http://tmi.me/pPfVi” (Rah Digga’s Twitter)

Producer Chase N. Cashe also got in on the fun by teasing Serena’s untitled rap.

“Why Serena Williams came through with the Lil Mama type flair on the track,” he tweeted. (Chase N. Cashe’s Twitter)

Her record has even caught the attention of hip-hop personalities like Miss Info, who also called out the star’s vocal talent.

She sounds like a horrible nuclear mutant katamari ballof Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith, and Azealia Banks. It’s not enough to be a tennis legend and sports superhero….then again, it never is, right? It never ever is…. But is this short clip of Grandmaster Serena Williams Lyrical Terror….any worse than the other trainwreck sports stars turned rappers? Let’s compare to Kobe, Chris Webber, Ron Ron, and more… (Miss Info TV)

Williams’ new record began circulating online Friday (May 11) morning.

Serena Williams has proven over the years that she can be many things outside of a world-class tennis professional. She’s become a nail technician, a fashionista, an actress and now she’s also MC Sizzle. OK, that’s not her real rapper identity, but that’s what I shall call her from this point forward. TMZ bought obtained a demo of a rap song from Serena Williams and apparently the one-time girlfriend of rapper Common and alleged girlfriend of rapper Drake has got some ability with verbal jousting herself. (Orlando Sentinel)

Check out Serena Williams’ track below:

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