Raekwon Wants To Do Kanye West A “Cruel” Solid [Video]

Raekwon Wants To Do Kanye West A “Cruel” Solid [Video]

Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon recently discussed the possibility of linking back up with G.O.O.D. Music’s Kanye West for the group’s upcoming Cruel Winter compilation album.

Although nothing is etched in stone just yet, the “Chef” said he is willing and ready to contribute to Ye’s star-studded effort.

“Um, you know, Kanye, them is my guys,” Rae said when asked if he will appear on Cruel Winter. “If he was to call me in to do some things, it’s gonna happen. You know what I mean? I’m a big fan of the movement. They’ve been doing a lot of great things, so, when they call a fella like me in, they know what I get ready to do. So Cruel Winter, Cruel Spring, [laughs], all that, put me down so I can throw my voice on it, you know what I mean?” (HHNM)

Rae previously hit up SOHH and talked about Yeezy’s work ethic having recorded “Gorgeous” alongside him.

“The first thing I can tell you about Kanye West is that he’s a hard worker. When you look at him, you can tell that he still has that whole hip-hop thing in his bones. When I was around him, I could definitely feel the energy that this guy is really taking things serious and he’s not trying to give [you] no watered down album. Listening to what was being made, you could hear and know that you were feeling it. So for the most part, I can say the music is great as far as him being creative and brilliant and he makes sure to keep those things around him. Everybody that says he’s bringing this album back to the 1990’s, [but] I think it’s more about him being creative.” (SOHH Guest Star)

A few weeks ago, G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean spoke on the upcoming Cruel Winter LP.

“Yeah, you’re gonna get it. Pause,” Sean told DJ Semtex when asked about a Cruel Winter album. “[Before Christmas?] I don’t know about that. You have to wait and see, man. I don’t know. It can’t be Cruel Spring, it’s gotta be in a timely fashion. I know I did something for it, for Cruel Winter and I was like, ‘God d*mn it. I might need to cut this for my album.,’ ’cause it was really good. But that’s how ‘Clique’ [was supposed to be]. ‘Clique’ was supposed to be for my album and it ended up going on Cruel Summer. I was like, ‘God d*mn it.’ I’m still on a song with Jay-Z and Kanye but it was originally going to be a single for my next album but we got so many singles that it doesn’t even matter.” (DJ Semtex)

Back in October, the clique’s rap veteran Q-Tip accidentally spilled the beans on their forthcoming album.

“We’re just trying to do some next ‘ish, you know what I’m saying?,” Tip said in an interview when asked about working with Kanye West. “Look out for the Pusha T album, the Big Sean album’s coming up next. [Can you expect me on Cruel Winter?] Oh yeah, for sure. I can’t really, [laughs], let out too much details about it but yeah, I’ll be on it. Kanye had the plan for that, so look out.” (Hip Hop Since 1978)

Check out Raekwon’s interview:

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